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Will Omicron be able to unite Democrats and Republicans? Biden’s plan to attract conservatives | Univision Politics News

The omicron variant has crept into the United States, and as winter approaches, the government expects a rebound in infections. To address this potential new peak in the pandemic, President Joe Biden addressed the nation this week to Launching a new strategy With which it seeks the complicity of the country’s conservative factions, which have challenged in the courts to make the use of masks and vaccines mandatory in large companies.

“This is the time when we can do what we have not accomplished in the entire pandemic: unite the nation. Unite it in a common goal of fighting this virus, protecting each other, protecting economic recovery, and thinking of it as a national responsibility and not a seizure of liberties,” the president said from the house the White. Virus politicization.

In what appeared to be a nod to Republicans, in the beginning of his speech, Biden stressed that the new plan’s measures “do not include closings or confinements, but rather general vaccination, booster doses and tests” for the Covid-19 virus.

The President is looking for strategies to bring people together and emphasize, once again, that the pandemic affects us all. If we want to improve health and economic recovery, we need to take meaningful steps, and realize that one of the things that works is vaccination. In fact, that’s probably best, Jill Rosenthal, director of public health at the Center for American Progress, a think-tank, told Univision Noticias.

Biden’s strategy to expand COVID-19 vaccination

However, they are efforts that have been resisted. According to official figures, 60 million people across the country have not yet been vaccinated, although they have potions at their disposal. More than 100 million citizens who are eligible for the booster have not yet received it.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that the White House’s strategy now passes in the face of fears of a new wave of infections. Find the complicity of the section of the population most reluctant to vaccinate.

Noting that some of the president’s immunization requirements are now in the courts, Rosenthal said, so his new plan is committed to “facilitating access to vaccines in an equitable and affordable manner, as well as more testing” for the Covid virus.

“My federal immunization requirements are being reviewed in court and this plan does not expand or expand those states. It is a plan that I hope all Americans will support,” Biden said.

The administration is aware of the partial failure of its vaccination campaign. Whereas in the first half of the year they aspired to have 70% of the population receive a full vaccination by July 4th, now, in appearances, they are only referring to adults who have received at least one dose, because a number like this is higher.

The overall rate of vaccination hardly reaches 60%, but the number of adults with a single dose is 72%. This last number is the number the president used in his speech this week.

Changes in strategy against starvation and Republican nodding

The president’s rhetoric has taken a resounding turn since he announced in the summer that vaccinations would be made available to all residents and delegated responsibility for the pandemic to those who were reluctant to take the dose.

Came to talk about “The Unvaccinated Pandemic”. With the emergence of Delta and Omicron now, you may have realized that as long as there is a large section of the population without immunization, the risk of the virus mutating and new variants emerging is great, so This is still a pandemic for everyone.

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Biden confirms it now His new strategy looks for a way to keep schools open, and other major interests of the Republican wing. For this, he confirms that the National Public Health Authority will announce “in the coming weeks” a new control system through regular tests, when there is a positive case, to avoid closing classes.

The chief now uses, in addition, Some arguments similar to those used by its predecessor. For example, he noted that the virus came to the United States from other countries.

“As we’ve seen with Covid-19 and the delta variant, and now with the omicron variant, they all came from other countries,” Biden said to justify the international donation of US-led vaccines. Total, More than 280 million doses have been shipped to 110 countries.

Over the course of the week, Biden reiterated the idea that when it comes to vaccines, the United States has “done more than all the countries in the world combined.”

However, the current leadership in donating vaccines was made possible by the dose stockpiling that Washington initially implemented, ignoring the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Fair Distribution Program for Vaccines, COVAX.

“I think the position of the United States and other countries, to make sure they have enough doses at home first, has resulted in certain regions of the world having less access to vaccines. And questions arise about whether it is appropriate for the United States to consider boosters when countries cannot Others have even been unable to reach the first few doses yet, Rosenthal said.

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In fact, only 7.5% of the population of Africa, where the omicron variant comes from, is fully vaccinated, according to WHO data. Currently, the Biden administration is imposing travel restrictions on eight countries on that continent. Like Donald Trump at the time, Biden emphasized the speed with which he applied those locks.

“On the same day that the World Health Organization identified the new alternative, it took immediate action to restrict travel from countries in South Africa,” the president said.

The question now is whether these Republican gestures will prove effective for a section of the population that has deliberately opposed the vaccine for nearly a year.

Despite efforts to obscure the less-favorite characters of the vaccination campaign, the White House seems clear about the reality it faces.

Its spokesperson, Jen Psaki, admitted on Friday: “We know what works and we also know the obstacles. There are things we cannot change. (…) There are certain forces against us.”

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