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What Chivas Femenil need to advance to the Liga MX semi-finals

With the defeat that Women of Chivas de Guadalajara 1-2 on your visit to America Friday night for .’s Ida game Quarter-finals directed by Edgar Mejia They will have to solve the chain at home as the advantage score will be enough to survive in Grita México Apertura 2021 La Liga MX Femenil.

+ Chivas soccer stove heading into the 2022 MX League

The Holy Herd had a second role with an outstanding performance, But it wasn’t enough for him to get a better result and he had to make do with an annotation in his favour and go the way he did. Alicia Cervantes, The top scorer scored from a stunning half lap that left goalkeeper Renata Maciarelli without a chance.

Chivas finished the campaign in 4th place in the overall chartAnd while the The Eagles ranked fifthThat is why the return match will be played in a stadium Akron Stadium The following Monday, December 6 at 5:00 pm, the Rugiblancas will try to take advantage of the house and the status of the candidates to get the result that allows them to advance to the semi-finals.

What does Chivas need to advance to the semi-finals?

team led by Edgar Mejía simply needs to connect the global scoreor, that is, the victory over the Eagles with a score (1-0, 2-1, 3-2 …), To think about the next round of the campaign, because you got a better position in the overall table, Imposes Azulcrimas They have to beat them, because a tie gives the pass to Tapatias.

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NS The advantage of Guadalajara is that they will close the match at home With this they put more pressure on the strong opponent who did not do very well in the last matches in Birla Tabatea, despite the fact that in the three matches that both teams have played Inside the various Liguillas from Women’s Liga MX who became a professional As of 2017, the capitals add two wins to one of the rojiblancas.

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