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Tom Brady has had an outgoing and fun personality since leaving the Patriots

Entering Gillette Stadium next Sunday wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey, not only will New England Patriots fans see Tom Brady In another outfit, you’ll also see the quarterback with a contrasting personality to the one he showed them in his first 20 years in the NFL.

Leaving the Patriots in 2020, Brady left behind the “Do Your Job” mantra that led to his Super Bowl Six victory and took on an unofficial mantra, “Enjoy Life,” which allowed his outgoing personality to show.

In his 20 years in New England, Brady worked in an environment where seriousness prevailed and opinions were limited so as not to give an additional amount of information beyond what to give to the world of the NFL.

Bill Belichick gave short answers a way of life at the Patriots, his extreme discipline not only coaching and fielding every Sunday, but also putting it in the lives of his players.

Under Belichick’s regime, it would have been very difficult for a player, even if considered the best in NFL history, to agree to star in so many TV commercials each year, who has celebratory stands on the show to celebrate victory in the Super Bowl, or to be active. Frequently on social media.

One characteristic that Belichick has established throughout his tenure as a Patriots coach is to avoid distractions, however minor, that jeopardize his team’s performance.

That’s exactly what Brady has done since leaving the Patriots. The Buccaneers quarterback now appears determined to do all or a lot of what he couldn’t do when he played for New England.

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Brady gradually showed an outgoing personality, with more interaction on his social media, with a more relaxed demeanor at press conferences and public events, and later with commercials showing his ability to act.

In the 2021 season, Brady appeared in commercials for sandwiches, from Cryptocurrency with his wife Gisele Bundchen He even jokes that New England fans call him a “traitor” and one Gates fan calls him “the worst person in history,” from cell phone at its narrow end Rob GronkowskiIt may appear in another ad campaign.

Can you imagine Belichick’s reaction if at a rally to win a Super Bowl with the Patriots Brady tossed the Vince Lombardi Cup from car to car or was caught on cameras with some other drinks at the end of the event? Imagine what the New England coach would have said if Brady (or any other player) decided to spend time filming TV commercials?

You can imagine what Belichick would say. The hardest thing is imagining Brady doing something like a Patriots player and legend.

In a way, Alex Guerrero, Brady’s personal trainer, may be right in pointing out that the relationship between Belichick and Brady didn’t develop, because the coach never stopped seeing quarterback as the 20-year-old he drafted into the 2000 draft.

Brady’s stance while playing with the Patriots and what we see today reinforce the theory that Belichick treats his players like teenagers or young adults by limiting them to many activities that are normal for many other athletes and laypersons.

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In Belichick’s act, the way he led the Patriots produced nine trips to the Super Bowl, six championships and perhaps the longest and most controlling dynasty in NFL history. The formula may be obsolete, but it could be the basis for some other successes in the years to come.

For now, while Belichick maintains the same dark, conservative, limited commentary and politically correct stance, Brady has been less mechanical than he was in New England.

That’s not to say Brady isn’t speaking on political correctness yet and might do more on his first visit to Foxborough as a competitor, but the ease with which the best player in NFL history lives now might suffice. To enjoy the moment and leave New England as you have done for 20 years: as a winner.

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