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Time is running out to get approval for immigration reform

Defenders of undocumented This week they are in a race against time to include immigration reform that favors millions in North America’s social spending plan. DemocratsWhich is scheduled to be approved, according to experts, before the end of October.

Democrats tried to tie the proposal To give millions of immigrants a path to citizenship for a social spending plan $3.5 trillion, they want to pass in the Senate alone through a mechanism called the “reconciliation” budget.

But both attempts by Democrats to date have failed, leaving activists and the undocumented community with little hope.

time is running out

Activists’ passion is literally “time is running outAnd with a view to approving the social spending plan, which is the main objective of the administration of the President of the Republic, Joe Biden.

Nicole Melako, CEO of the company National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) He explained that “negotiations are continuing on what will be included with a late October deadline for approving the package through reconciliation,” which will not need Republican support.

Since last week Elizabeth McDonough, responsible for the interpretation Senate slate, who for the second time rejected a proposal to include an immigration plan in the budget, measures requiring Democrats to fulfill their promise have multiplied across the country.

Parliament ignore

Calls this Tuesday focused on a request Opinion expressed by MacDonough, such as the one by nearly a hundred legal academics and activist groups who asked the Vice President on Tuesday, Kamala Harris, which avoids the non-binding view of “parliamentaryand the inclusion of immigration reform in the budget law, which must be considered by the Senate.

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In this sense, Milako Eve considered him “a non-elected official (As is McDonoughIt should not be able to prevent millions of people from obtaining the path of citizenship.”

The Director-General is now insisting that Democrats keep their promises. National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), Which includes nearly 40 organizations that defend the rights of immigrants in more than 30 states.

commands for President Biden and his party coinciding with the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Las Vegas, where the president on Monday gave a pre-recorded letter reaffirming his support for “Citizenship PathFor those covered by the Deferred Action (DACA), the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Program, and unregistered essential agricultural workers and workers.

It’s not a priority right now

But this support will not translate into a priority for the democratic government at this time, said Professor History and Latin Studies at Pomona Miguel Tinker Salas College, in statements given to Efe.

He considers that immigration is not at the present time.A fundamental problem that needs to be solved“They have to focus on raising the debt limit so they don’t avoid default, which is something Republicans have refused to do.

The two economic projects must also be approved.”ScienceThis will determine its mandate at the economic level.

but Biden You must also confront the divisions within your party on these issues.

keep your word

On the immigration issue, Democrats love Senator from Arizona Kirsten Cinema He was reluctant to support reform, in refusing to push many activists to confront it, even in the bathroom and on the plane, prompting criticism of the strategy followed, even by President Biden.

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Tinker Salas He cautions that this position should not focus on the manner in which the protest is carried out, but rather on the fact that Sinema could not clearly answer questions posed by activists about their support for immigration reform and those protected by DACA.

Rebellion about to begin?

group Korean immigrants NAKASEC On Tuesday, he called for an event in the US capital where a large number of activists shaved their hair as a symbol of the rebellion.

A number of Hispanic activists were present and joined the cry of rebellion for the Vice President, Kamala HarrisFulfill the promise made to immigrants in the campaign.

For its part, the organization Border Sounds Announced next Monday, October 11, a series of strikes by immigrant and Latino workers will begin.

Kristen Newman OrtizD., director of Voces de la Frontera, in Wisconsin, said it’s time to pass immigration is now‘, stressing that 35 years have already passed without an exemption allowing millions of undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship.

This time we won’t stop‘, senteció Neumann-Ortiz.

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