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This was the response that Harnaz Sandhu of India won the title of Miss Universe | people | entertainment

The three finalists answered the same question in the last round of the beauty pageant held in Israel.

The three finalists, Miss SudafricaListen to Lali Mswane. Miss ParaguayNadia Ferreira p Miss India, Harnaaz Sandhu, from the 70th . ed Miss Universe They had to answer the same question in the last round and the most unique answer was Miss India and became the successor to Mexico’s Andrea Mesa.

The question was, how can you advise the thousands of women who see you now to face the pressure?

Harnaz Sandu, the new Miss Universe: I want to inspire both women and men

This was Miss India’s response: “Well, I think the biggest pressure young people face today is believing in themselves. Second, you know you’re unique and that’s what makes you beautiful, stop comparing yourself to others and let’s talk about more important things that happen all over the world. I think that’s what you need to Understand it, get out, and speak for yourself because you are the leader of your life, you are your voice, I believe in myself and that’s why I stand here today.”

Miss Sudafrika: “I would appeal to today’s young women to choose courage over comfort at every opportunity they get. I would also like women to know that since the beginning of time they had something inside of them to achieve what they wanted, and unfortunately it was the world that convinced us not to.”

Miss Sudavrika, listen to Lale Moswan. Photo: EFE

Miss Paraguay: “I’ve been through a lot of tough situations in my life, but I got through them, so I want all the women, all the people watching right now to unite to do what you’re supposed to do because you can do it no matter what the situation is. You can overcome it and you can always be victorious.”

Miss Paraguay. Nadia Ferreira. Photo: EFE

As was the second runner-up Miss SudafricaLalila Lali Messouane, as the first runner-up Miss ParaguayNadia Ferreira. (e)

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