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This was a Christmas dinner for the former head of the Sinaloa gang in a maximum security prison in the United States – Prinsa Lieber.

Joaquin El Chapo Guzmán spent Christmas for the third year In a maximum security prison in ADX Florence, en EE. UU.

Serving a life sentence since July 2019, the date that begins Not many details were revealed About how it happened in prison.

the gate TMZ, quoted Infobae, This Monday, December 27, revealed some details What it would be like to dine during “Rough and Cold Christmas” in prison.

According to the site, the Christmas dinner was “very modest” if we take into account the end-of-year parties that have passed. The head of the Sinaloa gang who once wielded power in his luxury real estate.

Their dinner was a Cornish hen (a type of small commercial hen from the USA), and for dessert, Peanut Butter Pie.

According to the post, the prison also held some Christmas activities Such as “drawing, coloring and displaying musical talents”, Dice Infobae.

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Guzmán was accustomed to the climate of the mountains, and had to serve in a prison where he arrivedNot recording temperatures below zero, Typical in Fremont, Colorado.

A feature of a high-security prison is the presence of inmates They spend 23 hours a day alone in a space 2.1 meters wide and 3.6 meters high.

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