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This is what it is

Barcelona is out of the Champions League. Since the 2000-01 season, the Barcelona team has not been eliminated from the group stage (they did not play the tournament in the 2003-04 school year) and after 20 years they said goodbye through the back door, ending the league sadly. And endless helplessness, surpassed by Bayern, who can hardly stand up to him for the first half hour and then collapse like a house of cards.

This is what it is. Simple and dramatic as it is true. The damned phrase he said today Gerrard Pique (after the Wanda Metropolitano meltdown) and she was paired with Ronald Koeman in Munich, as a continuation of the Betis disaster, as a new chapter in the heartbreaking tie against Benfica…as always and as you never could. imagined.

He wants but can’t because any mistake punishes him in a terrible way, without finding solutions, without being a target and being a real misfortune in defense. Pique warned in the previous meeting that the team would leave “with the knife between his teeth” but the knife seemed to be shown by Bayern, cautious at first and imposing half an hour later, upon injury Jordi Alba I gave way to the sinking of Barcelona without the ability to respond.

For 16 minutes, he was seeded in the round of 16, and as soon as Benfica advanced in Lisbon, the urgency began to arise, giving way to the yellow card and leading to an unreasonable inability. Or not so much, because that’s the reality of Barcelona this year.

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Pique was destroyed by Lewandowski, Mingueza and Lenglet pointed in equal parts by Muller, a 1-0 defeat that Araujo could not avoid opened the door to the final drama. Leaving all duties on the last day and facing the entire Bayern Munich was a declaration of intent for a completely impossible task faced by a half-finished team, weak in all respects and inferior in all respects to the German champion.

If to add to that Ter Stegen’s song that caused the 2-0 win even in the first half, when Benfica actually beat Dynamo Kiev with the same score, it was a finished story in terms of his results and only pending to see how deep it goes. will be wound.

It was in the second part that he could hardly show pride. Too little to face a superior opponent as the solvent, which did not diminish its intensity and continued to inundate it with a splendor that caused even regret, reflection, and verification of what was left of this Barcelona that three seasons ago were in the semi-finals and that of Lisbon (2-8) became any Someone at the Continental Party.

Musyala hit him with a fun goal that again showed impotence and ended up in the best way, ironically as it may sound, not conceding more goals.

Barcelona was eliminated from the tournament for the fourth time in the history of the Champions League, in the first change in the group stage. It hasn’t happened to him since the 2000-01 season, and the blow he took in Munich was so hard that not only would it cost him more than €20 million in budget to reach the quarter-finals, but more than that, a mental blow that shows this team is no longer Among the greats of the continent.

If. This is what it is.

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