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This is how Carolina Sandoval reacted to the announcement that the Suelta la sopa program had ended

The announcement that Drop the Soup was about to end last week surprised everyone. “At the end of this year, Suelta la sopa will reach the end of its cycle on Telemundo.

During his eight years on the channel, Suelta la sopa has played an important role in our evening programs, providing our audience with the latest entertainment and celebrity news,” confirmed the Spanish network to People en Español.

According to People, the unexpected news comes just a year after the controversial departure from the show that for many years was one of the sexiest faces, Carolina Sandoval, nicknamed “Toxic”.

The Venezuelan journalist and businesswoman, who has not yet spoken about it, broke the silence in a recent interview for Chisme no like (YouTube) hosted by Javier Siriani and Elisa Berstein.

“No one is happy with someone else’s defeat, and no one can be happy when a person is unemployed. Thank God I have not been unemployed, I think many years ago because I did everything for myself to be my own company that hires me, the company that provides work to others And you’ve always been a leader, I know, telling people close to you: “Go work on your network, make your videos, try to be, no matter what you do, someone with an identity, find your niche,” he said.

“So my suggestion to all the people who are looking for strong entrepreneurship today [es] They believe in themselves, that they are not self-defeating, and that God will always light the way for you. And if you are a well done person, the doors will not close on you. Now, if you go through your life trampling people, and hurting people, be prepared for the shower of water to come to you…,” he added.

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