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They attacked Dimitri Payet in Lyon against Marseille and the match was suspended

The player received a bottle shot from the stands and the match was suspended and Marseille refused to return and resume the match

France – the match between Olympic Lyon and the Marcela Olympique He got suspended because of the bottle he got Dimitri Payetplayer leon. The match was stopped from the 4th minute when Payet received the blow caused by a fan.

Payet approached the corner kick to collect it, and as he bowed, he received a blow to the head, hitting the left ear, after a fan threw a water bottle from the stands.

Immediately, the Lyon player was treated by the medical staff and after standing up and walking, the two teams made the decision to go to the locker room as a way to counter the attacks that occurred from the stands.

French media indicated, according to reports from France, that the person who threw the bottle was arrested and the authorities took him to the local police station.

Marseille refused to return

The Marcela He refused to return to the field of play to resume the match against him leonAfter four minutes, he stopped the impact of a bottle thrown from the stands in his face Dimitri Payet Finally, the fourteenth day of League 1 It was off.

Almost two hours after referee Rudy Bouquet decided to send both teams to the locker room following the incident and several in-state conversations, the Groupama Stadium Public Address System in Lyon’s Olympic Park announced that the match would not be the case. resumed.

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Finally, the French Pro Leaguewhich issued a statement condemning the events and ordering that the case be left in the hands of the Disciplinary Body, assuming a final cancellation of the match.

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