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The unwanted guest arrives in Atlanta, but the party goes on at the World Championships

Atlanta – The less sought-after guest of the Game 3 World Championships, Rain, has arrived.

From so early on, the Atlanta Braves’ Trust Park area felt the spray, which was at times semi-heavy, as the next three games of the Fall Classic would take place.

Unlike Minute Maid Park at the Houston Astros, Braves Stadium lacks a roof, so the rain completely stopped the battering and warm-up practice of players from both teams who tied for the major league title battle. Leagues 1-1, before match 3.

Fortunately for the King of Sports, the rain practically stopped minutes before the teams show, stunned by a standing ovation for rival manager, Dusty Baker, who received a standing ovation for more than a minute, in honor. That his career as a player began in this city.

But the ones he couldn’t stop or alter his plans were the ardent Braves fans, who from very early on have made a presence in the area and especially at the training center located in the main plaza in Truist Park.

“We were here very early, regardless of the water forecast because it doesn’t happen every day,” said Ricardo Garcia, a Puerto Rican fan who has lived in Atlanta for over 10 years. The atmosphere is going to be good and we’re here to support.”

Music from various bands playing on the two installed stages, bars and restaurants opening early, people searching for tickets and some trying to resell them, above all, a lot of joy among the vast majority of Braves fans was the common denominator.

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Entrance to the merchandise shops in the stadium was slow and limited to the number of people willing to enter. Rows outside turned around corners, and city and state governments warned there would be zero tolerance for troubled fans, spurred on by the “liquid joy” of the “saving” beer sale that began at least six hours before the first show.

Several hundred police and security personnel have suspended vacations and holidays on a mandatory basis to ensure that the World Championship celebrations returning to this city for the first time since 1999 run smoothly this weekend in all aspects.

The Braves organization has since Thursday launched an appeal to the community in general and fans in particular who enter the stadium to wear red so that the Astros and the people who support them feel the pressure from the start.

The US National Anthem was sung by the award-winning Zac Brown Band, led by Zac Brown from Atlanta.

This was the first World Championship game in Trust Park, which opened in 2017, and in Atlanta since 1999.

“I still haven’t got the score we’re playing in a world championship and less at home,” said Braves first-team captain Freddy Freeman, who is in his 11th season in the Major League, and they’re all with the same team.

Only a few brave Astros fans have made the journey from Texas to Atlanta.

“I initially went from McLean to Houston, where I was on both games,” said Juan Reyes. “He comes to stay at my uncle’s house and I wanted to know if he would come. But the tickets are so expensive that I would have to stay outside just to enjoy the atmosphere.

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