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The unfulfilled goal for Colombia by Yerry Mina caused controversy after the draw with Ecuador. What does the regulation say? | football | Sports

Peruvian referee Diego Haro reviewed the VAR and decided not to validate the goal that would have given the coffee growers three points and third place.

90 minutes played and the fourth referee, Michael Espinosa of PeruAnd The sign indicating that eight minutes of substitution will be played before the final whistle was raised at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla., in the match history of the twelfth of The South American tie between Colombia and Ecuador. Tricolor was doing his job: getting a point that would allow him to continue in third place in the table, a place that awards a straight stake to the World Cup.

However, after the added eight minutes, in a final attack for Colombia, Yerry Mina found the ball and turned and sent it to save it, unleashing euphoria not only for the players and coaching staff, but also for all the players. assistants in the sports scene.

But the suspense was instant: the central judge, Diego Haro, who is also a Peruvian citizen, received a notification of where To check a potential hand from the back row of coffee before hitting the ball into the net. In fact, when estimating the shots, it turns out that the ball hit the right arm of the Everton defender before sending it to his right leg. As a result, Haro decided not to validate the goal and the match ended 0-0, a result that was worth gold for the team coached by Gustavo Alfaro.

Colombia, through its coach Reinaldo Rueda, expressed its complete dissatisfaction with the decision made by the judge, who had changed minutes before the decision to punish Ecuador for a mistake from Cuellar on Plata. It is embarrassing and embarrassing to others. It is sad that in these games, which everyone is watching, we give this image. “We’re kidding ourselves and that’s a shame,” the coach said, referring to the VAR.

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However, according to The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body responsible for designing and updating the rules of the game, the decision made by the central referee was correct.

The ball hit Yerry Mina’s right hand before being dispatched to end the match. Photo: Vanexa Romero / EL TIEMPO

In one of the most recent changes, regarding offenses that must be charged when the ball hits players’ hands, it has been established that the explanation will only be given when the potential offender is the one defending in the action. Any offensive hand, regardless of its intent, will be punished.

Within Rule No. 12, which refers to fouls and infractions, a hand committed by a player who:

  • Touching the ball voluntarily with the hand or arm, for example, making a movement towards the ball with these parts of the body.
  • Touch the ball with the hand or arm when the hand or arm is in an abnormal position and makes the object take up more space. It will be considered that the player has made his body take up more space in an unnatural way when the placement of his hand or arm is not the result of his body movement in that particular action or cannot be justified by that movement. By placing his hand or arm in this position, the player risks hitting the ball with that part of his body and this constitutes an infraction.
  • Scoring a goal in the opponent’s goal:

Directly with the hand or arm – even if the action occurs accidentally – including the goalkeeper.

Immediately after the ball touches your hand or arm, even if it is accidentally.

Then it is added: “The goalkeeper is subject to the same restrictions as any other player with regard to touching the ball with his hand outside his area. If the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hand in his penalty area without being authorized to do so, an indirect free kick will be awarded, but there will be no penalty However, if the offense is playing the ball a second time (with the arm, hand or other parts of the body) after the match has restarted and before it has been touched by another player, the goalkeeper will be penalized if the offense is promising to stop the attack, a goal or an opportunity is avoided clear to the opposing team.


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