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The police chief says they won’t recruit officers raised by single mothers

Santo Domingo, RD.

The Director of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto, reported this They will not recruit agents from the sons of single mothers.

“We will pick up from now on My father and mother’s children, may they be alive, let him be there with them. That we can ask their parents for the education they have given them,” he revealed on the El Gobierno de la Mañana radio program broadcast on Z101, on Friday morning.

He also noted that they “will be very careful with that,” stressing that the law and order establishment Men and women who are single mothers will not be accepted into the police or enlistment.

“These mothers, because of the inequality they experienced, are forced to work to support their children and have to leave them alone,” he added.

She explained that given the need for these women to go out to work daily to support their families, They do not have the ability to give their children a good education and training.

“We have to see how we can attract, through you, men and women who have a father and a mother who have educated them,” he stressed.

He also demanded the elimination of policemen who come to the institution “for necessity”, But they do not have an invitation.

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