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The fans whistled him after he got out of control and kicked an opponent

The violent lack of Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the classic Manchester match

It’s been 30 years since Manchester United last lost eight games at home in a calendar year. With Unequal match on Saturday against Manchester City, This account has been restarted. The score was 2-0 short, after the goal against Eric Bailly and a goal-line preview from Bernardo Silva. The power that Old Trafford gave its players has not only waned: today it has translated directly into whistles. Cristiano Ronaldo? He had a poor game and got out of hand and got reprimanded.

Manchester United couldn’t cope with the constant drag of their classic opponent’s passes In any segment of the meeting. With a defenseless attitude and little reaction, the central duo in Red Devils He ended up advancing his own proclaimed goal with sheer intensity and Citizen Progress. Then the second happened behind Luke Shu’s back, careless from start to finish.

The Portuguese couldn't hide his disappointment

The Portuguese could not hide his disappointment (AFP /)

The complement did not start that from the stands began to descend intensively “Buuuu”The unspoken roar of English indignation. It was addressed to all players and coach, Ole Solksgaer, who was lauded minutes ago despite Liverpool’s 5-0 setback in October and the downturn in the yield curve. United fall and recover with wins out of context. But he ended up returning to painful defeats with a squad from which he expected a lot.

The puff was also directed towards Cristiano Ronaldo for whom the newspaper Watchman record 5. of course not. Because the Portuguese hasn’t spent the afternoon in his first home derby in eleven years (the last was in 2009). He lowered his head in several moments of the match, and in the 85th minute, he lost control: he treated Kevin De Bruyne into a state of impotence. The Belgian leash was driving from behind when he felt the shank of his hook; He landed on the grass on his knees.

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The position of the Portuguese striker, which led to him receiving a yellow card, He has been denounced since October 24, when he was furious over the historic 5-0 defeat of another classic, Liverpool. There, he attacked an opponent who was lying on the ground while embracing the ball. “He wanted to get the ball out,” some were justified, but the movement was so intense that it was clearly just a whim.

Like his team, Ronaldo also rotates with very good performances. One was last week, when he turned against Tottenham in a 3-0 win, and the other, four days ago, when he saved his side from losing to Atalanta with a superb goal at the end. Many English media agree that this comeback occurred only thanks to the emotional impulse of the seven, beyond his ability to score.

Ederson saved one of the few shots the Portuguese could deliver in the match

Ederson saves one of the few shots the Portuguese has managed to deliver in the match (dpa /)

The Guardian describes him as a “fantastic footballer who is delighted to put in a late bid [por su actuación en el encuentro ante el club de Bérgamo]. The 36-year-old is a phenomenon, but he shouldn’t have to shove United on his shoulders practically every time they play.”

We need to take charge, we need that confidence and conviction that we can and must do it,” Luke Shaw told MUTV, the club’s official channel, the day after the match. Ronaldo also said a few words and talked about them The need for improvement.

It is true that at Old Trafford they are used to winning, so unwanted gifts like this are usually placed under different magnifying glasses. But regardless of the context, a star-rich roster like Manchester’s biggest club has to live up to the hype. At the moment, he is in fifth place in the Premier League, and is already far from Chelsea, which, if he wins today, will reach 28 units. Solksjaer is pinned with 17 points.

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Next Saturday, November 20, he will have an unbeatable chance – ahead of Watford – to add. If you don’t, you will land The hottest 15 days of the semester: On the 28th of this month he should visit Chelsea; Five days later, he will receive Arsenal.

Cristiano Ronaldo kick to Kevin De Bruyne

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