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The Dodgers overcame nervousness and relied on their rules to beat the Cardinal, Graterol admits

LOS ANGELES – Excitement, nerves, and drama erupted Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium for the wild National League game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Angelenos won 3-1, breaking the tie to the ninth lowest level with Homer from two rounds Chris Taylor to bring down the opponent.

“(I was) a little nervous because the match was tight, but we trusted our players, and we focused on cheering the team and what we wanted is what happened,” Al-Ramy said. Prosdar Graterol, who went up the hill for an area of ​​one floor.

The Dodgers had to hit the bullseye to keep the visitors’ attack at bay with six different shooters.

“Since (the director) has given me the opportunity, we will give everything I can,” was what Graterol had in mind when he was called.

Unlike last year on the Wild Cards Tour, and in a different format due to the pandemic in which Angelino played two home games against the Milwaukee Brewers with an empty field, now, Dodger Stadium has seen an unbeatable atmosphere with a full house. More than 53,000 spectators cheered for their team and witnessed a thrilling victory.

“I don’t know how to say it, it was unbelievable, the important thing is that we won,” the Venezuelan added.

Now, the Dodgers will begin their Division Series against the San Francisco Giants on Friday in a major competition on the West Coast. The Giants and Dodgers were the two teams with the best MLB regular season records with 107 and 106 wins, respectively.

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“We’ll see when we’re with them on the field, they’re a good team too, just like us and we’re here to win just like them,” Graterol concluded.

Mexican Julio Urías will start off the hill on Saturday for the second game of the series against the Giants in San Francisco, with Walker Buehler in pole position, while Max Scherzer, tonight’s throw against the Cardinals, will appear again on Monday in Game 3 when the series returns to Los Angeles.

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