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The brave match SDLN with a Fried Gem

Milwaukee – Max Fried says his strategy for dealing with stressful situations is to minimize them.

The strategy worked wonders for Southpaw in the regular season, and it’s paying off for the Braves in the playoffs.

Fried starred in six rounds and the bulls barely withstood an agreement with Brian Snicker to retire early from the match. The Atlanta Braves defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 3-0 on Saturday night and tied the First Division Series.

“He was amazing, he did everything we wanted,” teammate Austin Riley, who scored in the sixth inning, said of Fried. “He went in, hit the strike zone. He’s done that since he broke all-stars.”

Once Fried left, the brave ones struggled even more.

The Brewers publicized the potential hookup in each of the last three innings, but were unable to get a result in time.

Ozzie Albies added an RBI double to the Braves, who rebounded after losing the first game 2-1.

With a 1-1 draw, the series heads to Atlanta for Game 3, which takes place on Monday.

Fried hit nine, allowed three hits and didn’t walk. He didn’t put the Brewers back in the scoring center until Willie Adams doubled by two in the sixth inning.

Fried responded by writing off Venezuelan Eduardo Escobar.

“It’s really a good pitcher that takes a lot of pitches,” said Craig Counsell, Brewers’ Principal. “When he plays, it portends a tough night for hitters.”

“You’re just trying to focus and realize that we play the same sport all year round,” Fred said. “There may be more things at stake in the qualifiers, but you have to go there and get to the pitch you’re supposed to get to. That’s what settles things.”

This was the second extraordinary start by Braves starter in a series dominated by throwing.

Charlie Morton did not allow Milwaukee to run for six innings from Friday’s game. However, Rudy Telles hosted him in the seventh inning, reaching 85 and the last.

Snitker made sure that Fried didn’t go that far. He had made 81 throws and replaced with a racket at the top of the seventh inning.

The decision was about pushing two more races to Atlanta. Jock Pederson discused the hitter in the singles and hit Jorge Soler with a long kick that left player Christian Yelich caught from the wall.

Then the Brewers made the game fun in front of the bulls, but the Braves came forward.

For the Braves, Cuban Soler scored 5-1 in one run. Puerto Rico Eddie Rosario 4-1.

For beer, Dominican Adames 4-1. Venezuelans Escobar 4-0, Avicel Garcia 4-1, Mane Peña 2-0. Mexican Luis Orillas 4-2.

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