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Summary of the match between America Feminel and Chivas Feminel (2-1). Objectives

Female America clinched a 2-1 victory at the Azteca Stadium chivas In the first leg of the quarter-finals in a game worth framing. Although the azolcrema was able to protect the feature, The flock had little to reach for themHowever, an unspecified punishment ruined their plans.

Be sure that those directed by Edgar Mejia “Routine” They were better in the course of the match. Azulcrimas goals They took the red and white gift ribbon with them. The first was the failure of Celeste Espino.

Azulcrimas took a free kick that landed in the center of the area against a header with it Janelli FariasWho beat behind Guadalajara to hook the ball. The work of the middle went directly to the opposing goal where Espino released himself with outstretched armsHe tried to hold the ball, but he didn’t have a good grip and ended up bouncing it. at that moment, It seemed that Lubert was leading it And put the ball at the bottom of the net.

with 1-0 in favor, Coapa had another gold that they didn’t use in the best way. A play restored by the Eagles on the band. Angelique Saldivar reached the bottom and crossed in front of the Diana Rodriguez sign.

The ball has reached the center of the area you predicted Daniela Espinosa, but before that there were two defenders who sought to block the ball’s path. Unfortunately Myriam Castillo is associated with the ball in a bad way And he netted him against Celeste Espino who could do little to stop her partner’s mistake, both seeing the score against 2-0.

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In the first half, the conversation in the dressing room was necessary because the forty-five minutes had barely begun and Alicia Cervantes Discounted. Altapatya scored 50 goals tonight with an amazing solo act.

He received his chest, lowered the ball and in front of the mark of Karen Luna and Janelli Farias, The attacker was identified and shot to break into Renata Maciarelli’s net.

Three minutes passed and the herd could have had a chance to tie the cards, but the whistling Lizette Garcia Olivera I decided not to give them a chance by not ticking off the clearing Masciarelli penalty kick for Licha When falling into the lead in an offensive play.

There were moments of passion that kept 8878 fans On the edge of the seats until the end of the 90 minutes plus the total score that ruled Azulcrema’s victory. Now, on Monday, Flock will be honoring the Vuelta Eagles from the series trying to get that ticket to the 2021 Apertura semi-finals in the Liga MX Femenil.

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