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Summary of the match Belgium vs France (2-3). Objectives

Mexico City /

France He did the unexpected in Turin. cocks They went up in an incredible way from 2-0 against Belgium And with the second half of a lot of magic They turned the scoreboard 3-2 When the clock was dying and thus reaching last from UEFA Nations League Which will be held next Sunday at San Siro In view of Spain.

France Repeat the last dose Russia World Cup 2018 a Belgiumcocks They seem to have died and risen To keep the ticket in a game full of emotions and in any The Belgians were flirting with glory for a moment, but the millimeter sneak lukaku They were eventually banned.

The Red Devils They didn’t know how to kill the match, it was in their hands the whole first half, Carrasco and Lukaku goals Between 37 and 41 was not enough, because France I woke up again brilliant.

Deschamps He made his team wake up in the locker room, and he changed the chip that made them in the first half don’t bother them polite And At 62′ Karim Benzema shortened the distance And after seven minutes Mbappe Penalty imposed on the tie.

Even on the scoreboard Totally emotionally killed Belgium That he had to overcome the bitter drink with the passing of the minutes and that was the characters Loris y Courtois.

about the end Belgium Glory touch first, backlash lukaku A chance to save the ball but Millimeter intrusion made him go from joy to frustration To see how through hissing where snatch victory from the bag.

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Extra time was already looming on the field Juventus And this was what appeared Theo Hernandez, who scored the third goal in the time of compensation who gave the pass to last from UEFA Nations League A France.

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