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“Suelta la Sopa” outside Telemundo

Telemundo has been cancelled ‘Tell me what you know’. After 8 years in the series In December the entertainment show led by Jorge Bernal ended.

Today it was noticed “Tomorrow we will return,” said Giorgetto, “fingers crossed.”, literally making the gesture with his fingers.

Reason? As far as we know, All the team working on “Suelta La Sopa”, both network employees, as well as employees of High Hill Entertainment, the title and show producer who co-produced the show with Telemundo, They were called to today’s meeting at the end of the show.

Many of the people who were asked to attend this mandatory meeting were not provided with any information, so everything during the day was just speculation among them, and the uncertainty as to whether they would remain without work put them on edge.

What are they afraid of? It was confirmed at the reunion when High Hill Entertainment With 360 Powwow, its partners on some projects, Tell them that “Suelta La Sopa” had an expiration dateAnd At least on Telemundo, Then The chain would have decided not to renew the contract.

Afternoon show hosted by Jorge Bernal whoCurrent EU committee members include Aileen Mujica, Luis Alfonso Borrego, Juan Manuel Cortes and the newly appointed Orlando Segura.And It will end in December, so he still has two months on the air.

In fact, we reached out to Telemundo via email and they confirmed our news with this statement:

at the end of this year, Tell me what you know He will reach the end of his cycle on Telemundo. During his eight years on the channel, Tell me what you know You have played an important role in our evening shows, bringing to our audience the latest celebrity news and entertainment. We thank all the talented people and the production team for their dedication and commitment. in done Tell me what you know afternoon show on Telemundo“.

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Is This The Final End Of “Suelta La Sopa”? Apparently not necessarily that one of the rumors addressed after the meeting is that he actually The companies that own the product will negotiate or at least offer it to other chainsOr I will live there Some digital platforms.

In the 8 years of its existence, The movie “Suelta La Sopa” starred in several scandals, but without a doubt the specialization was when they left From the show to Carolina Sandoval for her rejection To do the show in the studio for fear of contracting COVID-19One of the producers, at the time, was suspected of having the virus.

Between fluctuations, indirect and direct, and threats of demand in between, Finally, Carolina continued to grow her company and directly communicated with her audience through social networks. And On the show, she was replaced by Vanessa Claudio, who resigned two months ago to be the head of a TV project in Turkey.

Who will cover the in-chain business space in 2022? Although it is too early to announce, as they have not yet announced the cancellation of “Suelta La Sopa”, Rumor has it that one option would be to pass El Colador.Which they have Sundays now.

The concern is that He said the show was not widely accepted by viewers Who despite the entertainment news and who is talking about what happened in Assi Se Baila, They prefer to go to Sal y Pimienta, leaving Rodner Figueroa and Aylín Mujica’s assessment almost on the floor..

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Another possibility is that Extending “En Casa con Telemundo” to two hours And contain more entertainment, or a new show 100% produced by the network will be launched.

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