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Police error in the Brian Laundry case

(CNN) – Florida investigators confuse the mother Brian Laundry A police spokesman said that they and their son were watching the family home in the days after Gabe Pettito’s disappearance was reported.

On Monday, North Port Police Department spokesman Josh Taylor told CNN affiliate WINK in an exclusive interview that he and Laundry’s mother have similar skin. “Both cases are not perfect.”

The revelation of the surveillance error reveals at least one discrepancy—but perhaps sparks a new one—between the accounts of events provided by the authorities and the Laundery family’s lawyers for what happened after Pettito’s disappearance while traveling through town. A road with Laundry, but before her body was found in the Wyoming National Forest. The investigative judge ruled that Pettit died of suffocation.

It was Laundry’s remains Found last week In a nature reserve near his family’s home, his parents could be the key to understanding what happened to Petito and then him.

After Laundry returned to Florida without Pettito, police saw him driving away from his family home on September 13 in his Ford Mustang, Taylor told WINK. Then two days later the Mustang came back.

“We thought we saw Brian come home,” Taylor said.

Taylor said police now believe Roberta Laundry, Laundry’s mother, drove home.

But for the next two days, the police believed that Brian Laundry was at home.

Detectives realized the mistake on September 17, when his parents told police they had not seen their son since Tuesday, September 14. His lawyers said they later changed his memory, noting that they had not seen him since September 13, after Brian said he was going to Carlton Preserve, a nearby nature park of more than 10,000 hectares.

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Laundry’s family lawyer notices another failure of the police

As for the Mustang driver on September 15, Taylor said, “I think his mom was wearing a baseball cap.” They came back from the park with a Mustang.

“So who does it right?” The police spokesman said. “For example, if you think your son has been missing since Tuesday, you take his car home, so there’s no point in someone doing that if he’s not there. So the guy who walked out wearing a baseball cap I think was Brian.”

But Laundry family attorney Steve Bertolino said on Tuesday that police had given a signal before September 14 on the Mustang while it was parked in the nature reserve.

“We all make mistakes. But Brian and Roberta don’t have the same ‘skin’. Also, it was (North Harbor Police) who put the ticket on a Mustang in the park and if they see Brian go out on a Monday in a Mustang, what’s the news to me, so they had to To have seen the Mustang and the park starting Monday and knew that Chris and Roberta were the ones who got the Mustang back from the park.”

“Now to be clear, none of this could have made a difference in terms of Brian’s life, but it certainly would have avoided all the false accusations that many have made against Chris and Roberta about Brian’s ‘hiding’ or financing his ‘escape’,” Bertolino added.

On September 16, during a press conference, North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison was asked if he knew where Laundry was “right now”.

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“Yes,” Garrison replied.

The laundries later told the police that they went to the nature reserve on September 15 to retrieve the family’s car.

“Let’s be clear, the laundries reported that Brian didn’t come home the night he went for a walk,” Bertolino told CNN last week. “In fact, I reported it to the FBI personally.”

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CNN’s Taylor Romain contributed to this report.

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