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Police Chief Art Acevedo fired after saying the ‘Cuban Mafia’ ruled Miami | Univision News United States

The relationship between the police chief and the organization has become Unbearable And you need a quick fix. In particular, his relationship with the police department he runs, and with society, To the point of no returnNoriega said in a statement.

Art AcevedoBorn in Havana and at the age of 57, he is a well-known figure throughout the country due to his positions Director of the Houston and Austin Police Department, after his career with the California Highway Patrol.

Acevedo grew up in Los Angeles and despite his Cuban ancestry, he made a comment that deeply upset his fellow Cuban-Americans. The officer asserted that the city was ruled by a “Cuban mafia”.

“He lacks some sensitivity, training and cultural awareness towards this community and its inhabitants,” Noriega wrote in his report on Acevedo, according to the newspaper. Miami Herald.

He reported interfering with police investigations

But the problems between Acevedo and the five city commissioners seem to go beyond this comment.

The chief of police, in a document addressed to Noriega and Mayor Francis Suarez, accused the commissioners Joe Carolo, Diaz de la Portela and Manolo Reyes intervene in the police investigation. He compared his actions to communist Cuba and said he reported to federal investigators.

This infuriated the commissioners, who called for public hearings in which they scrutinized every detail or recent action they disliked about Acevedo: they brought up his boss’s past problems in his previous positions, and even criticized a photo of him during a fundraiser. in Austin Who appears in a tight suit and imitates Elvis Presley.

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In your farewell letter, Acevedo He returned to the same thought he denounced: “I promise to continue the good fight until then The Miami Police Department is free from political interference From the city government that unfortunately continues to negatively affect this organization.”

And so Acevedo will be one of the shortest-lived terms for the Miami police chief. An unexpected end for someone Mayor Francis Suarez called “Michael Jordan” for police chiefs when he made him public.

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