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Orbelín Pineda, confirmed by Celta, is still unable to score in LaLiga

President Carlos Mourinho has confirmed that the 25-year-old Mexican will be the Celta player, but will be registered until a foreigner leaves.

Although the head Celta VigoLast Saturday, Carlos Mourinho confirmed what had been for months an open secret, the signing of the Mexican Urbelin PinedaThe truth is that the Spanish club cannot register him yet the league Because he occupied the three squares of players outside the community.

By regulation, no Spanish team can have more than three footballers who do not have a community passport in their team, but at this time the Brazilian Thiago Gallardo, a man from Peru Renato Tapia And the Argentine Franco Servi They are the three players who hold a foreign position in Celtic, after a few months ago on the Mexican Nestor Araujo He got his Spanish passport.

On Saturday, Mourinho confirmed that the 25-year-old would be a member of the Mexico national team Celtic, although the exit of Galhardo, Tapia or Cervi . should be resolved Pineda You can register at the league.

“The dates are up to Felipe (Minambres, sports director), but it is true that you have to wait for a free place outside to register. We have the whole month of January to register, but we hope we have the place before,” the president stated. Celtic This Saturday, after a general meeting of shareholders, according to the newspaper The voice of GaliciaHe added that the departure of some of their players from outside the European Union is a matter for them and their representatives.

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“It does not depend on us. We hope we can solve the problem and then we will be very happy.”

Orbelinwho decided not to renew his contract with blue cross To fulfill his dream of playing in Europe, he still does not have a date to travel to Spain And although he has already said goodbye to his teammates, he continues to train at La Noria facilities as he has 14 days left from his current contract with La Maquina, until December 31.

“We are awaiting instructions from the club (Celta Vigo), but it will be after a decade blue crossA source close to the La Maquina player told ESPN when asked when he could travel Pineda a Spain.

At the moment, the Mexican player is still waiting to open a stake to join his compatriot Araujo in CelticWith which it has entered into a preliminary agreement since last September.

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