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Orbelín Pineda already “breaks the tags” with Celta de Vigo

Since Orbelín Pineda’s arrival in Celta, the influence of the Mexican has already been noticed on social networks, due to the large number of “likes” he has generated

Mexican footballer Orbelín Pineda, Celta de Vigo’s newcomer from Spain, has just finished his first training session with his new team and has already broken a “tick”: Never tweeting from the official account of “Celestes” (RCCelta) has caused a number of “likes.” Like the official announcement of your appointment.

As of Saturday, January 8, the post had more than 34 thousand likes, surpassing more than 16 thousand from “Aspas Selección”, 13,900 from “Hasta luegui” and 12,200 from the announcement of the signature of Rafinha Alcantara in the summer of 2019.

A large number of Mexican Twitter and Instagram users have turned to the supportive comments and good luck to ex-Cruz Azul, who finished his first training session with Celta last Friday and is now available to coach, Eduardo Codet. The Argentine strategist stated that he would not be in a hurry to line up Orbelin, as he had been without football activity for more than 45 days.

Other users of social networks did not show the same sentiments as the vast majority of comments in posts that “show” the last Celtic signature. Messages like “I don’t know him, we have to wait and see what he does” or “No French or Dutch? We always bring packages that disappoint later” were also present; However, they also highlighted some like “Hey, your success will be our success. Always Celtic!” or “This guy, because of the comments, has to win matches on his own, let’s see if he’s half as good as Fabian Orellana.”

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