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Novak Djokovic admits there were “mistakes” in the documents and attends an interview with Covid

The Serb agreed that he felt obligated to attend the interview with a French media, and although he maintained a social distance and wore a mask, he had to postpone the appointment

Sydney – Serbian tennis player, Novak DjokovicOn Wednesday, he admitted to making “human errors” in the documents to enter Australia And she goes to an interview with a sports media after finding out her positivity for COVID-19.

“I felt compelled to go to the interview with the team Not leaving the journalist lying down, but I kept social distance and a mask all the time, except during photos. Upon returning home, I isolated myself and thought. “I made a mistake in judgment and admitted that I had to postpone the date,” the athlete said in a statement posted on social media.

Djokovic Ensures that on December 16 he underwent a test to detect COVID-19And he learned its result one day after attending an event with young people while the interview was in the eighteenth.

“I was asymptomatic and felt fine and did not receive notification of a positive PCR test until after that event (with young people),” he identified the number one racket in the world, who also indicated that he had previously undergone antigen tests as a precaution, which were negative. .

The 34-year-old Serb urged the media to correct the misinformation published about his activities “particularly regarding the community’s public concern about my presence in Australiaand to address issues very harmful and disturbing to my family.”

Djokovic, who is hoping to be able to defend his Australian Open title from 17, also confirmed that his agent made a “human error” when filling the box in the athlete’s 14-day trips prior to his arrival in the oceanic country.

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The Australian Government continues to consider the possibility of visa cancellation and subsequent deportation.

Meanwhile, immigration authorities – according to Australian media – are investigating whether the tennis player lied upon entry. Australia When he confirmed that he had not visited any third country in the past two weeks, which could lead to his visa being revoked.

The number one in the world was training at a facility in Sotogrande (Cádiz), according to his social networks, and traveled from Malaga to AustraliaAccording to the President of the Serbian Olympic Committee Borizadir Malikovic.

The tennis player, who traveled on January 4 with a layover in Dubai, could have spent Christmas in Belgrade, according to some photos on social networks.

Djokovic He arrived in Melbourne last Wednesday with a medical exemption to be vaccinated for COVID-19 In December, however, customs officers refused to grant him a visa and he was detained in a hotel while his lawyers appealed.

A court in Melbourne on Monday gave the reason DjokovicThe 34-year-old was allowed to enter the country, but there are still chances of him being expelled from Australia, although it is not known when the official decision will be known.

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