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Nicolas Maduro asks the United Nations to lift all sanctions imposed on Venezuela | international | News

The Chavista leader participated in the general assembly of the organizations through a pre-recorded speech.


Chaveza leader Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, when he intervened before the United Nations General Assembly, ratified his “demand” to lift “all criminal sanctions” on Venezuela.

“We have endorsed our request and our demands for the lifting of all criminal sanctions on the Venezuelan economy and on Venezuelan society by the United States and the governments of the European Union,” Maduro said in a recorded speech.

In this sense, he noted that his country has “on multiple occasions” conveyed to various institutions of the United Nations system and to the General Assembly its “denunciation of the violent attack and vicious campaign” which it considers to be underway against him. A country since “the elites who ruled the United States”.

That campaign relied, always according to the Venezuelan ruler, on “the complicity of elites who run organizations in Europe and elsewhere.”

“They wanted international organizations to exploit international law to justify the fierce campaign and criminal attacks against (…) the people of Venezuela,” he stressed.

in your opinion, Venezuela suffers from “persistent and systematic aggression through economic, financial and oil sanctions”, which he described as “brutal”.

He explained that these sanctions constitute an assault on “the right to economic freedom” and “the economic rights and guarantees that all peoples of the world should enjoy.”

It is, in the opinion of the head of state, “a fierce attack on the right to buy what our country needs and against the right to sell what our country produces, especially the great oil and mining wealth.”

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“Financial accounts are being persecuted, we have been kidnapped and withheld from the legal international reserves of the Central Bank of Venezuela in London, and we have kidnapped and withheld billions of dollars in bank accounts in the United States, Europe and beyond,” he said.

In addition, Maduro emphasized that “Venezuelan oil and mining companies are prohibited from trading their products and opening bank accounts in the world for payment and collection and to carry out commercial transactions freely as envisaged in international trade.”

Calls to support dialogue with the opposition

The Venezuelan leader also asked for “all the support of the United Nations to advance the dialogue process” that began with the opposition last August in Mexico.

The Venezuelan Executive and Opposition began, on August 13 in Mexico, A dialogue process between Russia and the Netherlands as companions and Norway as a mediator, and its third round will be held from 24-27 this month.

“I am grateful to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, for supporting the Mexican Dialogue Process and I ask for all the support of the United Nations so that the Mexico Dialogue process progresses toward new partial agreements and toward a global agreement to promote the peace, sovereignty, and full prosperity of Venezuela.”

Maduro also noted that this year they have “installed many dialogue tables” with the business sector, unions and social sectors, and “with all political sectors.”

These schedules were drawn up by the President of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), Jorge Rodriguez, through a special chamber commission on the instructions of Maduro.

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Rodriguez is also the head of the government delegation in dialogue with the opposition in Mexico.

As part of these processes, he expressed satisfaction with the fact that “the most radical sections of the opposition that were seeking a coup in Venezuela” have returned “to politics, the constitution and the electoral process.” (I)

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