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New York’s mayor-elect says without security there is no progress

New York Mayor-elect, Eric Adams, affirmed yesterday that without security there can be no progress or prosperity, remembering that during the election campaign he promised that this, in addition to justice, would be the pillars of his administration in the mayor of the American city.

Adams spoke on the topic when answering reporters’ questions before presiding over a meeting in Santiago with businessmen from the city and the northern region of the country, assembled at Compromiso Santiago, where he exchanged ideas to enrich relations between the Dominican Republic. and New York City.

“That if there is no security there will be no prosperity. That is why I will support the police, and I will cooperate to provide security, justice and respect for the expected citizen,” Adams said.

In his administration, he promised that he would focus on promoting cultural and educational exchange programs, so that young people from both countries could travel, meet and discover other places in the world, for their own growth.

The mayor-elect said that culture and art are the best ways for people to get to know each other, and to put culture, painting, and the cultural richness that represents them in other places, he said.

“We want not only academic intelligence, we also want emotional and cultural intelligence,” he said.

The elected servant of the North American city promised that he would bring economic delegations to the Dominican Republic to start new trade and trade exchanges, and called on the business community to form Dominican delegations to visit New York City and explore business and investment.

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“We will build new roads. To stimulate this new approach, we will not solve the problems of the world if we have a closed mind at the local level,” he said.

Adams will take over the city in January 2022.

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