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Nations League semi-final revives Russia 2018 and Euro 2020

Football is fickle and sometimes offers replays without expecting it soon. This is the case in the semi-finals of The League of Nations 2020-2021 from UEFAThe confrontation that occurred in the same situation in the past will be revived Euro 2020 (Italy vs. Spain) and in Russia World Cup 2018 (Belgium vs France).

On the one hand, France you will meet Belgium After his brilliance in one of the last World Cup semi-final matches, which the French national team won 1-0 . win To the Belgian team, then pass over Croatia national team 4-2 in court Luzhnik Olympic Stadiumme to be declared champion.

On the other hand, and in a more recent duel, Italy will appear again with Spain’s choice, who defeated him in the semi-finals of Eurocop 2020, the tournament in which he won the championship title after winning the final match in Wembley Stadium England.

The path of the four semi-finalists

Italy He came to this state after taking first place in Group A1 With 12 units, the product of three matches won and three draws. went out HollandPoland and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were relegated to the second division in the tournament.

with 11 points in Group A4, The Spain’s choice He led the competition and secured his place in the semi-finals, finishing above GermanySwitzerland, the team that reached this stage in the 2018-2019 edition, and Ukraine, who lost his place and will be relegated to the second division.

France He got 16 points and was eliminated Portugal, which with 13 units bid farewell to the competition leaving its throne vacant hero Which he won in 2019 by defeating Netherlands national team.

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your opponent, Belgium I entered the semi-finals leading Group A2 With 15 points, leaving Denmark behind, England, one of the semi-finalists in the last edition and Finland, which was relegated to the second division.

Which countries rose and which fell in the League of Nations?

Which countries won one? 16 places For the next edition of The League of Nations Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary And sitting. While Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey And Bulgaria They went to League C.

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