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Messi threw himself on the grass behind the Paris Saint-Germain barrier and left the press around the world stunned

An extraordinary moment witnessed a victory Paris Saint-Germain Against Manchester City, 2-0, in the group stage Champions League. In the second half of the match in the Parc des Princes, the English took a free kick at the entrance to the area and it was the same Lionel Messi Those lying behind a barrier Paris Saint-Germain To avoid the low shot.

The picture quickly went around the world and provoked several reactions in the international press, but the main element was amazement.

The Olé . newspaper , the main Argentine newspaper, described the move as “Unbelievable” and spoke “about the two geniuses of Messi in Paris.”

“Gentlemen, Lionel Messi has an endless array of resources. This Tuesday he exceeded expectations 2-0 against Manchester City. He did two great things that we will remember for different reasons. First, a great goal to start building his legend in the Champions League with a Paris Saint-Germain shirt. Secondly, something completely unimaginable for the great master of football: he lay on the floor to help the barrier with a free kick by Guardiola’s team,” Ole said.

In the Spanish press, more astonishment from the event.

The Sports World, Catalan newspaper, talked about the photo “So unexpected that he even surprised his fellow Paris Saint-Germain compatriot. This is the face of Ander Herrera and gesture Neymar. Before, Messi was the one who forced the defenders to take this action to prevent the ball from passing under the barrier. Now, he was on the other side.”

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The sports diary, also from Catalonia, said that gesture Messi “shows the will of the 30 shirt even on the defensive side, after a few days complicated by his complaint after being substituted and pain in his ankle”

for this part, Neymar He used his Instagram Stories to make fun of the situation by posting a picture of Messi On deck and banter: “What are you doing there, Lionel?”

Critics were equally perplexed, as the former Manchester United defender, rio ferdinand, even criticize “Lack of respect” To make such a revered player assume the role of “blocking”. Ferdinand argued that the rest of the team in Paris Saint-Germain It must be to relieve Messi One of his defensive tasks and takes his place on the ground.

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