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Memo Ochoa recommends not to risk Duvan Vergara’s health in Final

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Controversy caused by the possibility of participation Tobacco Vergara On the Final Concachampions, distance severe blow to the head Last weekend during the match against Necaxa, he reached a goalkeeper America, Guillermo OchoaWho advised the Colombian player not to play tomorrow.

“This matter concerns the doctors. It’s not a minor issue, as a footballer I should step aside in my opinion. It is a sensitive issue and it is up to Liga MX, Concacaf and the doctors to decide this situation. “I have my opinion, but it is less important,” he told a news conference from Sultana del Norte.

This is according to Liga MX regulations, When shock protocols, the player cannot engage in physical activity for the next seven days, at least, so he cannot play on Thursdays at the BBVA Stadium with Monterrey; However, controversy has grown because Concacaf does not have a regulation in this regard, the situation that He wants to use Reyados to be his attacker.

Against America, everyone shows their best version: Ochoa

About the game that will be Concachampions Otherwise, the Aguilas goalkeeper said they expect a different Rayados to the one they have been shown in the last four matches of the domestic championship, in which they lost and which caused the top four to leave the overall table. .

We expect a Rayados team with their best team, it’s a final. We know the finals were close and tight. We will also make the most of it.”

Plus, he said, given that all teams play America differently, they can’t relax. “All the teams that are up against us are giving their best version. Against us they give their best And the next day they didn’t even reach 50 percent.”

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