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Major League Baseball receives health exemption

Major League Baseball has received an exemption from the Department of Health for games, as capacity will be increased, vaccinations will be required and measures will be taken to try to stem the spread of COVID-19.

The exemption states that only people who have been vaccinated with three doses can attend the Games. Capacity greater than that specified in the executive order will be allowed, without exceeding 1,200 followers per game, as long as there is a distance between families. Tournament personnel, team members, referees, coaches and members of the press are excluded from capacity.

On the other hand, they should ensure the physical distance of 10 feet between households, use a mask and promote hand disinfection. Likewise, they will have to avoid crowding people in common areas, such as checkpoints, entrances and exits, and restrooms, among other places, so they should create a system where all food and drinks are delivered to the fanatics’ seats.

Baseball fans can rest easy. Baseball is played in Puerto Rico, but with strict protocols. What is important for us is to adhere to protective measures to avoid sources of infection. Overcrowding is a fundamental problem in the spread of the virus and we have to make sure that we prevent the spread of the virus. However, if we ensure distance, they will be able to increase the capacity in matches. In addition to other enhanced measures”, expressed the Minister of Health, Carlos Melado Lopez.

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