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LeBron James’ epic reaction to Klay Thompson’s return to the NBA


Klay Thompson is back in the NBA and LeBron James didn’t hesitate to respond on Twitter with an epic message for the Golden State Warriors.

Klay Thompson and LeBron James
© Jane Tesca/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty ImagesKlay Thompson and LeBron James

world NBA She was paralyzed at 3, 2, 1… The most predictable return of the modern era came to day zero and after 941 days without stepping on the court of the best basketball in the world, Klay Thompson back in style with Golden State Warriors. ¡LeBron James Do not hesitate to respond!

Although Thomson He ruled out LeBron and preferred to use Michael Jordan To announce his return to the NBA, star Los Angeles Lakers Expect Clay to make his 2021-22 season debut with an epic Twitter reaction.

LeBron James starts the Lakers vs. Memphis grizzlers when back Klay Thompson and Gold State Warriors In front of the Cleveland Cavaliers, he was on his way so he left a message for him in anticipation of what his historic shooting game would be.

Not only did Thompson have a sense of the Warriors’ 96-to-82 victory over the Cavaliers, but he achieved An iconic brand that has only been surpassed by Stephen Curry in the NBA. LeBron brought good luck to Clay, and despite being a competitor, his admiration and respect was above all others.

LeBron James’ epic reaction to Klay Thompson’s return to the NBA with the Warriors

singleLeBron James It can achieve more than 40 thousand “likes” and two thousand retweets With 8 phone emojis and thirteen more fireballs the epic reaction he got when Klay Thompson returned to the NBA with the Golden State Warriors.

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