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Kim Kardashian hosts SNL and jokes a bit

once again famous socialite, fashion model and businesswoman Kim kardashian He joked a little about hosting Saturday Nitgh Live or aka SNL, indicating somewhat nervous that implementing the program was fairly easy.

October 9 Kim kardashian She will be the special guest on the show to lead him as Adele was when she reappeared in front of the cameras wearing her adorable personality.

As usual, special guests conduct promotions of the program, where you can find out who will be the special guests as in their case.

The weird thing that happened on her first show was that she mentioned hosting SNL was a “simple and easy” thing, and definitely was pretty nervous at the mention of it.

Although this isn’t the first time she’s appeared in front of an audience or on a show as a featured guest, it looks like this time she’ll be the one to appear during the show as we’re constantly watching some videos.

Kim Kardashian Will Host SNL And Jokes A Little | Instagram Kim Kardashian

Others invited to participate in the program include the translator of the song “Closer” along with the beautiful singer The Chainsmokers. Halsey, like Celily Strong who is part of the SNL cast.

In the clip featuring Khloe Kardashian’s older sister, she couldn’t help but smile nervously, but despite this we’re sure she’d do an excellent part during the long-running sitcom.

It might be a little tricky for her due to the fact that her image is so associated with glamor and elegance and the seriousness of her appearance and seeing her while airing tonight’s show for a little joke is probably something out of her comfort zone.

During the guest appearances, singer Cecily Strong asked if that would complicate the fact of having to do sketches alongside her, to which the businesswoman and owner of KKW Beauty responded if that was the reason, unless she had to write the sketches. .

Halsey answered as soon as they said no, asked again if he should learn some lines, to say no, because they had reference cards.

As usual and common in Kim kardashianI asked if someone else would look better than her, and they both replied that it wouldn’t be impossible, and then she said everything would be very easy.

click here If you want to watch the video.

Despite the fact that from the moment her participation in this program was announced, some Internet users began to criticize.

It will likely come as a surprise when tonight comes out at 11 PM W., it lasts 90 minutes and so far has 47 seasons containing 909 episodes.

Fans of the businesswoman and the beautiful model will be eagerly waiting to see how she will take part in the jokes and humor of the show, we may be pleasantly surprised.

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