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Khaira Hamraoui requests respect for the decision to remain silent

Kheira Hamraoui, player Paris Saint-Germain Attacked on November 4, requesting respect for her private life and a “quiet” investigation, on Monday before the investigating judge Versailles.

And she said in a statement published by her lawyer, on Tuesday, that the player “quickly requested respect for her private life, as well as her choice to remain silent in this difficult test.” Said Harir.

trial Versailles It was confirmed on Monday that the former France international Eric Abidal, whose name appeared on the victim’s phone card, could soon appear.

It is the latest unexpected development of this strange case that began on November 4, when HamraouiThe 31-year-old France international was returning from a dinner at his club in a car with his partner. Aminata Diallo And Was the victim of an assault Two people beat him several times “in the legs with an iron rod”.

Police arrested Diallo last Wednesday He spent 36 hours in interrogation By interrogators before they were released without charges.

According to a source close to the case, Hamraoui among investigators that his mobile card was “In the name of his ex-wife, “and prove that the owner is Abidal.”.

former player in BarcelonaAnd Abidal He held the position of sporting director of the Spanish club from 2018 to August 2020. El Hamraoui played in the Cayan women’s team from 2018 to 2021.

According to her lawyer, the player “suffered great physical and psychological harm”: “They beat her very violently, especially on her lower limbs, Insinuating an express will to harm their career“.

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Despite the publication of information “previously covered with confidentiality”, the 31-year-old international “grants all his confidence to the researchers who They should be able to calmly conduct their investigations In order to find the accused as soon as possible.”

Women’s team Paris Saint-Germain, immersed in this state that had a global breadth, fell 6-1 on Sunday against leon, the great rival in French football.

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