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“I would go there”


Kylian Mbappe has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain Until June and at this time you can negotiate with any other club for summer access. the real Madrid It is the best site to take the French and Zlatan Ibrahimovic He thinks the best thing in his career is to wear white.

They are filtering out the reasons why Mbappe left PSG

Speaking to the French newspaper L’Equipe, the Swede revealed that he spoke with the young striker and recommended him to go to the Merengue team.

“Mbappe asked me and I told him: ‘In your place, I will go to Real Madrid.’ I had the opportunity to play in different teams and countries, with different champions, and that’s how I learned and grew. In my opinion, playing at home your whole career is easier. Whereas if you pack your bag and go. To other gardens, this is an adventure” Milan.

Similarly, Ibra said, “It all depends on what Mbappe wants and what he thinks. I would have gone there. But if I was from PSG, I would try to keep him. He will decide. PSG wants him to stay of course but does he want to stay?”

The veteran player has no doubt that other great teams want it Mbappe. “I think other clubs want him. If you’re a captain, you have the means and if you don’t want to take on Kylian, you have the wrong job.

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