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Honduras vs. Summary: Jamaica: Watch the goals, facts, and best moments of the Qatar 2022 Qualifier Round 6 match at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium | international football

At the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium, Honduras could not win at home to Jamaica on the sixth day of qualifying for Qatar 2022.

Honduras and Jamaica accidents

Match preview

To watch live football like this match, you have different alternatives to live streaming service and TV channels which we are going to introduce to you below. It offers you more minute by minute complete with goals, yellow and red cards and other accidents. Also be involved in moving and listing Twitter profiles of Honduras And Jamaica.

The proceedings will take place at the San Pedro Sula Metropolitan Olympic Stadium and will be judged by Guatemalan Brian Lopez. This meeting will be of vital importance to both selected, as they are at the bottom of the rankings and have to add options to go to the World Cup.

What time is honduras vs. Jamaica?

  • Honduras – 6.05 pm
  • Jamaica – 7.05 pm
  • Peru – 7.05 pm
  • Mexico – 7.05 pm
  • Ecuador – 7.05 pm
  • Colombia – 7.05 pm
  • United States – 8.05 pm
  • Paraguay – 8.05 pm
  • Bolivia – 8.05 pm
  • Venezuela – 8.05 pm
  • Argentina – 9.05 pm
  • Chile – 9.05 pm
  • Uruguay – 9.05 pm
  • Brazil – 9.05 pm

Honduras, who will be domestic this time, is in the seventh box with 3 points, without winning so far. The units he added were to tie with Canada, El Salvador and Costa Rica, all of which performed opaquely. Even in just one match they managed to score.

He was no less in the first date against the Canadian team, who surprised before him with a penalty kick scored by Alexander Lopez in the first half. However, they failed to maintain the difference and had to settle for par, which highlighted their defensive problems as well.

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Against the United States and Mexico, Catracos lost 4-1 and 3-0 respectively, results with which they became one of the largest number of annotations received so far in the Qatar 2022 qualifiers in CONCACAF. Minor Figueroa’s absence, due to his expulsion against Trey, would be infamous.

Honduras vs. Jamaica: TV channels

  • Honduras: Channel 5 Televicentro Honduras, Sports TVC
  • Jamaica: Flow Sports app,
  • Panama: Flow Sports app, Viva,
  • United State: Paramount +, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo, Centro America TV

For his part, the Jamaican national team is in a similar situation in terms of goals against him, although there are only two points in the table. So far, they’ve only managed to add a game against Costa Rica and Canada, a situation that puts them on the ropes in search of qualification for the next World Cup. On this day they must win, in order to modify the sites.

The main offensive card of the ‘Reggae Boyz’ will be Shamar Nicholson, who has scored two goals so far, exactly the only two goals his team has scored in this playoff. For fans, Bobby Re and Kemar Rove, who have emerged in Europe, are still in debt, but they hope to see them redeem themselves against Honduras.

History of Honduras vs. Jamaica

Over the past few years, it has been Honduras vs Honduras match. Jamaica was not very popular. Their last encounter was in the 2019 Gold Cup, which ended with a celebration for the Jamaicans. However, in the last 10 matches with each other, there has been a lot of parity: four wins per side and two draws.

  • 06-17-2019: Jamaica 3-2 Honduras – Gold Cup
  • 02-16-2017: Honduras 0-1 Jamaica – Friendly
  • 10-15-2013: Jamaica 2-2 Honduras – Qualifiers
  • 06 2013: Honduras 2-0 Jamaica – Qualifiers
  • 10-11-2011: Honduras 2-1 Jamaica – friendly match
  • 2011-13-06: Honduras 0-1 Jamaica – Gold Cup
  • 10-15-2008: Jamaica 1-0 Honduras – Qualifiers
  • 09-10-2008: Honduras 2-0 Jamaica – Qualifiers
  • 03/31/2004: Jamaica 2-2 Honduras – Friendly
  • 09-04-2001: Honduras 1-0 Jamaica – Qualifiers
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Honduras vs. Jamaica: possible formations

  • Honduras: Luis Lopez. Andy Carpenter, Denel Maldonna, Marcelo Pereira, Johnny Leveron; Debbie Flores, Kervin Arriaga, Alex Lopez, Edwin Rodriguez; Albert Ellis and Eddie Hernandez.
  • Jamaica: Andre Blake. Alvas Powell, Oniel Fisher, Adrian Mariappa, Kemar Lawrence; Anthony Grant, Bobby Ray, J. Von Watson; Kemar Rove, Shamar Nicholson and Junior Flemings.

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