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Hicks, Nova led the Lions win

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – New York Yankees quarterback Aaron Hicks rocked a three-stroke RBI double in a three-stroke four-stroke attack to lead the Leon del Escuedo attack to their 4-0 win over the Eastern Stars in the Dominican Republic. Major League Baseball.

Former Major League Baseball player Evan Nova (2-0) capped six powerful empty runs, throwing a four-stroke by three to win the game, and was lost to River Sanmartin (0-1), after allowing four strokes and five strokes in five runs.

In Santiago de los Caballeros, Major League Baseball’s Marcel Ozuna doubled down on the 10th inning lead to give Cibao Gigantes a 5-3 win over the Cibinias Eagles.

Ozuna was 3 for 4 with a home run and three RBIs, while Diego Morris scored a single attack at home to lead the winners attack.

At La Romana, Felix Peña’s strong start allowed Toros del Este to defeat Tigres del Licey 5-1 on the scoreboard.

Peña (1-1) scored five rings without goals and only three strikes to win, while the opposite went to Irvin Santana (0-1) after allowing three runs and four strikes in three rounds.

Brayan De La Cruz scored 4-2 with the RBI, Rodolfo Castro scored an RBI double for another, while Jesús Sánchez and Yamaico Navarro contributed RBI singles to lead the Toros attack.

Estrellas Orientales and Gigantes del Cibao lead the circle with a score of 14-10, followed by Águilas Cibaeñas (12-12), Leóns del Escuedo (11-13), Toros del Este (11-13) and Tigres del Licey (10-14).

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