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Galilea Montijo stops in a flowery collection in spring

Galilea Montego She shares a new photo of her in a plaid outfit that she pairs with yellow pointed sneakers.

off the bench Presenter Galilea Montego, shared a photo with his channel’s 9.3 million subscribers, who were completely captivated once again by being snapped from a bench with his legs spread wide.

Host “Dancing stars today‘, a contest sponsored by famed morning star Las Estrellas, wore an entire outfit with a pastel floral print and sneakers that added a playful touch to her outfit. Galilea Montego.

Happy weekend Martha Galilea wrote, followed by two heart emojis… “Shoes”: @latingal_boutique Jumpsuitlatingal_boutique Makeupangieortize Hairstyle @bernardojavier6

Galilea Montijo stops in a flowery collection in the spring. Photo: Instagram Capture

Montego“She distinguished herself by following the fashion trends that were presented, something she has been doing for a long time and today, thanks to her clothing store, is constantly updated.

owner Latingale boutique He is the main ambassador, model for magazines such as “h men“Mostly carries her own brand clothing or accessories and this occasion will be no exception since her clothing and shoes belong to the aforementioned establishment.

The “TabathiMartha Galilea Montego Torres from 48 years, who has collaborated on many variety and reality shows, wore her long, wavy hair as she was picked up from the edge of a seat.

It didn’t take long for the adorable host of ‘little giants‘ and ‘Vida Tv’, ‘La Hora de la Papa’ and even ‘Who is the mask?’ ‘, received a set of comments adding 17,045 likes just two hours after the post was published.

“Bella, the kindness, the one who sang with a band like cumbia, good evening is great, you are beautiful, the one who arrived on a motorbike is the one who appeared in the life of Jenny Rivera, who was in iodic week, beautiful Megali, how precious, beautiful Ghali beautiful , Shula, love this outfit, sweet regards.”

It was read in the comments dedicated to the actress “Grand prizeShe is also one of the most popular personalities on Instagram, after her previous role as “YouTube”.

It was June 23 when Galli was able to realize one of his big dreams, to have his own clothing store, although the wife of politician and businessman Fernando Reina Iglesias has already started selling online for some time.

This year 2021, when “TV girl“He was able to see his actual store in a popular shopping mall in Mexico City.

It must be remembered that the event was a big one and it was some colleagues in the broadcasting who gave their support and attended the opening of the store in which Martha Galilea Montego and Claudia Troyo participated as partner.

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