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Edwin Kaz does not have COVID-19: They reveal the condition that puts him in hospital | Famous

On Tuesday, December 28, a photo of the singer went viral Edwin Caz where he can be seen in a hospital bed Surrounded by medical staff. After a flurry of speculation about his health, on the night of Wednesday the 29th of this month, the Grupo Firme representative agency sent a statement giving details of his condition.

The singer of the group was subjected to a series of studies that revealed the presence of a Hiatal hernia.

“Stroboscopic laryngoscopy was performed to visualize the vocal cords, find suggestive data, received treatment and as a medical indication gastroscopy was performed to rule out infection.”

The statement also states that the aforementioned study was conducted on December 28 and is what can be seen in the photography spread on social networks.

Exit this procedure without any complications, and find the following results: Hiatal hernia with changes in the lining of the esophagus‘,” the joint document explains to the media.

Edwin Caz is undergoing treatment

It is also reported that the Grupo Firma singer is “resting and receiving treatment”, which will give results in the coming days.

The message was published by Daisy Anahi, the singer’s wife, and added a few words to the photo: “Thank you all for your interest and messages”.

What happened to Edwin Kaze?

On the night of December 28, alarms went off after Edwin Kaze’s wife shared a photo of the singer in the hospital surrounded by medical staff.

A day later, Grupo Firme clarified the position on the health of its singer, removing rumors of possible covid-19 infection.

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