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Criticism of Fernando Palomo after the match between El Salvador and Mexico

The Choose El Salvador October’s Triple Knockout date did not end well with one win and two losses. After beating Panama (1-0), El Salvador missed two games against Costa Rica (2-1). and yesterday before Mexico (2-0), which by the way, was criticized by the journalist Fernando Palomo’s photo, which in addition to the score, details how to develop actions throughout the game.

In the preview of this meeting between Choose El Salvador There was a lot of expectations and the choice of Mexico, especially for the possible surprise of the Salvadorans in defeating the Aztecs on their own land. However, despite filling Cuscatlan, This did not happen. It was a defeat for Central Americans who now occupy the penultimate position in the standings, five points off third place.

Criticism of Fernando Palomo

Through social networks, Salvadoran journalist Fernando Palomo has been highly critical of the game presented between El Salvador and Mexico in Cuscatlan. “Mexico 2-0 but at a minimum. An ugly game, with many legs and a small game”, was the comment that Palomo posted on his official Twitter account that had both support and opposition reactions.

Beyond the picture shown on the pitch, El Salvador could not get the expected result, not even a tie. With two annotations by Mexicans by Héctor Moreno and Raul Jiménez, the Aztecs are left with the three points in Salvadorian territory, and with that, they are with Canada the only unbeaten team. And La Selecta will now have to recover in a double header in November when they face Jamaica and Panama.

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