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Complaints and Despair After Delayed Entry to Bad Bunny Concert: ‘I’m Selling Ticket Offices, I’m Going’

There was despair and confusion on Friday evening at the entrance to the “P FKN R” concert in front of him bad bunny At Hiram Bithorn Stadium, an event that was announced to start around 8:00 pm, but after about three hours not only had it started, but hundreds of spectators were still in line.

After some fans waited more than 12 hours for the musical event that will have two functions to start, many have turned to social networks to point out shortcomings in the coordination of the activity.

In fact, the annoyance caused by the concert delay caused viewers to sell out their tickets and leave the establishment.

new day It can be checked Hundreds of people were still lining up under the tents, while dozens more were seen leaving the Hiram Beethorn grounds, making comments like: “I’m selling the three treasuries, I’m going“.

Likewise, despair has led many people to, cWhen they reach the end point, they discover that there is a way to sneak and jump over the fences.

On the other hand, viewers reported that people fainted after waiting for hours and found themselves crowded with other people.

dizzy girl. Several people took her out of the line and carried her over the fence. Nobody shows up from a medical emergency. Someone from security came and did nothingOne netizen wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Benjamin Torres Gutay, of El Nuevo Dea, a spokesperson for the concert organization reportedly expressed from the stadium platform that “more than six people” had fainted and demanded physical distancing.

Similarly, a young woman named Andrea Maria noted that the event “was the worst organization I’ve ever seen”.

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“There is no line, no fences, the ‘health’ tents are crammed with people. There is no kind of lighting. If someone faints or something happens, there’s no escape if you’re in the middle.”

Similarly, a young man took advantage of the same social platform to express that “the massive crowd to get in there”.

“They stuck with event logistics to get in,” he said.

This one, who goes by the name “Stephortless” on Twitter, indicated through a video that he left the long queue after there was only one checkpoint to reach the stadium where the concert will be held.

“Everyone was crowded to get in. If someone had a panic attack, they would die,” said the netizen.

After the problems that fans of the rapper still face, there are already people who are announcing the sale of their ticket offices for the show that will take place tomorrow.

“Two tanks available for tomorrow (not in the sand), DM interested,” the user crossed under the name “guillo.”

Primera Hora and El Nuevo Día have both requested a reaction from the Bad Bunny production team, but have yet to respond to requests.

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