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Christian Horner blamed Checo Pérez for not getting into the pits and damaging his results at the Russian Grand Prix

The Russian Grand Prix From season 2021 from Formula 1 He showed a high emotional level, he was experiencing changes and excesses, and he was Lewis Hamilton Final winner, one place above Max Verstappen. Sergio Perez He knew how to be first, as well as third, but he ended up falling off the podium.

With these results, the Dutch Red Bull Racing It is placed just two points below (244.5) than the Mercedes-AMG Petronas (246.5) in World Championship for Pilots, in the event that there are only six jackpots on this calendar. For his part, the Mexican rider continued to be fifth in the classification (120).

Christian Horner, head of the Austrian energy drink team, spoke after the race and noted that Checo’s decision not to enter the pits early to switch to intermediate rain tiresand regretted the unequal result with his teammate, who decided to do so.

“It’s a very difficult decision to know if you want to get into the pits or not, and the drivers see and feel a lot more on the track than the engineers on the pit wall, so Leave the decision to stop to Max and Chico to switch to intermediate tiresOn the official Red Bull website.

In the end, Max hit the call and hit it to get in, greatly benefiting as a result, while Checo decided not to stop and ended up with a big loss, but these things can happen and luck plays a role too.. You can see that Sergio wasn’t alone with the guys who tried to challenge being so close to the end of the race, but it didn’t work out in the end. The last two pitches have historically been very strong for Mercedes, so having only two points left in the drivers’ championship is a positive.I am delighted that we removed the engine penalty here and were able to recover from the podium.”, shaded

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He concluded: Everyone on the team is enjoying this tournament so much, we are back in a competitive position and these will be the last seven races, getting the right strategy, pace and penalties will play a role as well.. It would be great to see how it unfolds. Heading to Turkey last year was an interesting race with the new deck. We hope you’ve resisted by now, but we’re looking forward to it and today’s results are all good for the tournament. It’s going to be a great competition.”, is over.

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