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Biden will sign Renacer Act after Nicaragua election result, White House official says

A White House official confirmed that US President Joe Biden will sign and pass the law to force Nicaragua to comply with the terms of electoral reform or the Renacer Act, which proposes putting more pressure on Daniel’s regime. Ortega and Rosario Murillo, as part of the “broad and coordinated international response” after the Nicaraguan election result.

According to statements made by journalist and Voice of America (VOA) reporter Jorge Agopian, the signing of the Renacer Act will not take place this week “to not divert attention from what would be a clear abuse of power” in Nicaragua. In reference to the controversial elections scheduled for Sunday, 7 November.

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“The signing will not change what they have already done, which is to steal the elections,” the official emphasized. Coordinator” for the election result in Nicaragua.

The official also indicated that Biden is expected to vote out loud in the elections next Sunday. The now-required signature of the Renacer Act goes into effect in response to the overwhelming approval of the US House of Representatives, which they debated and voted on on Wednesday, November 3. With a total of 387 votes out of 432 lawmakers approved the bill, including 185 Democrats, 202 Republicans, and only 35 voted against.

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The approval of the US legislation came two days after the US Senate approved a new, amended version of the Rebirth Bill, to allow it to be quickly studied by the House of Representatives, according to the chair of the Relations Committee. .

The eight scopes included in the law

  • 1. Coordinates US diplomacy and specific sanctions to promote democratic elections, including a review of key Nicaraguans who have removed prospects for free, fair, and transparent elections.
  • 2. Requests the Executive to review Nicaragua’s continued participation in the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
  • 3. Expand the supervision of loans from international financial institutions to Nicaragua and reaffirm the existing legal exemption for humanitarian projects.
  • 4. Requires coordination of sanctions with Canada and the European Union.
  • 5. Adding Nicaragua to the list of Central American countries subject to visa restrictions related to corruption.
  • 6. Requires confidential reports on corruption committed by the government and the family of President Ortega, as well as on the activities of the Russian government in Nicaragua.
  • 7. Requires reporting of Russian military sales to Nicaragua and a review of potential sanctions under the Countering Enemies of the United States Through Sanctions Act (Caatsa).
  • 8. Requires reporting of human rights violations committed by the Nicaraguan security forces in rural and indigenous communities.

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