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Barcelona receives a severe blow that destroys the illusion that arrived with Xavi

Barcelona – Barcelona is back to what it was before. Without a shot, without a goal, everything that can be expressed on the field turns to nothingness, Xavi Hernandez’s team is doomed, well restrained by Real Betis who knew how to withstand his supersonic exit and in just twenty minutes he took action, treated him calmly and seriously and finished him to destroy it with a view Juanmi.

Xavi’s influence ended badly in Barcelona. It started with good feelings .. and a penalty kick victory over Espanyol; The draw against Benfica, however, did not go beyond a good game, but owed to this terrible lack of goal, winning with fortune and effort at Villarreal in what the coach himself considered the least prescient game since arriving on the bench. And in the fourth test, in the fourth match, it turns out that this Barcelona is very immature and has plenty of room to grow still light years away from what is understood it should arrive.

Thinking, it is assumed and although the coach suggested otherwise in the previous match, in the Bayern Munich final next Wednesday, Xavi removed the eleven and gave Coutinho confidence in the squad for the first time. The Brazilian responded an hour into the match to forget again. He came across as lively, convinced, bold and participatory…and turned around in a nasty way to leave without saying anything.

As for half an hour gone dry On a stretcher, he was shocked by a head injury, and the lights of Barcelona went out. Riqui Puig He took his place and lost a new opportunity to claim his claim, unnoticed amidst the general slumber of the game in which the Barcelona team dominated for twenty minutes only to dedicate themselves to a task with all ambition but without any precision.

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Barcelona wanted to play with the teams and Betis knew how to protect them brilliantly. Barcelona wanted to integrate quickly and Betis knew how to maintain his position so as not to suffer. Barcelona didn’t know how to find the last pass, didn’t know how to find the auction and there was dooming itself to disaster as time went on.

Dembele…and Guanmee
Betis added five consecutive defeats to Barcelona since his last victory, specifically at the Camp Nou, in November 2018 but this time Manuel Pellegrini, who accumulated eight consecutive defeats against the Barcelona team, knew how to find his weakest points.

He was not allowed to maneuver in the middle of the field where he worked Andrew saved They were great, and even fewer offered the holes for auction. And if it is already difficult for Barcelona to finish the match … If he does not find spaces, then the drama increases to the limit.

A long hour of playing, which was soon said, put the Barcelona team to the test Roy Silva It was through Ousmane Dembeleé, who in just three minutes caused more danger than the entire team in the previous two-stroke inning.

The French abroad wanted to revolutionize the party and they did, but Pettis responded with agility by entering Christian Tello and breeding in defense of Mark Bartrawho bored Memphis Depay He returned the tone to his team until the counter caused by a mistake Jordi Alba It ended with a shot by Juanmi in the net. Save, Canales, Tello, Juanmi … and a goal. 0-1 and the depression overcoming Barcelona takes two steps back…

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