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Barcelona does not skip the draw against Benfica and becomes complicated in the Champions League: this is how they lived minute by minute – ten

90 minutes + 4: end of the match, Barcelona (7 points) tied 0-0 against Benfica (5 points) at the Camp Nou, and their passage to the round of 16 of the Champions is complicated. Everything will be decided on the last day, as the Catalans visit Bayern Munich and face Benfica against Dynamo Kiev.

90 + 3 minutes: Incredible failure from Benfica, just in front of goal.

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90 + 1 minute: Corner kick and Pique hits a header, but the ball goes to the side.

90th minute: Four more have been added at the Camp Nou.

85th minute: Xavi puts dist and removes Lenglet. Eric Garcia also entered for Araujo.

83rd minute: Araujo canceled a goal for Barcelona for offside. It remains 0-0 at the Camp Nou.

Watch: UEFA Champions League standings

82nd minute: Dembelé’s massive run on the right sends a poisoned center and Benfica’s defense arrives on time to close. Click on Barcelona.

78th minute: Dembelé’s pass is filtered, but Depay doesn’t arrive on time.

72nd minute: Araujo’s long-range shot went wide.

67th minute: In the middle of Dembelé, Frankie De Jong calls his head and saves the goalkeeper in an amazing way.

65th minute: Dembele enters Barcelona and leaves Demir.

56th minute: Memphis Depay is not taking advantage of a one-on-one with the Benfica goalkeeper after making an unnecessary cut. He was able to identify the left hand the first time.

54th minute: Dembele and the Barcelona players begin to warm up on one side of the field.

46th minute: The second half begins between Barcelona and Benfica at the Camp Nou.

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45th minute: The first half final, Barcelona tied without goals with Benfica at the Camp Nou.

42nd minute: Demir’s shot in the post and saved Benfica. It was a great goal for the Barcelona striker.

40th minute: Benfica is gaining confidence and feeling more comfortable on the field.

minute 34: Benfica goal canceled. Otamendi did it. Did the ball go out after a corner kick?

minute 33: UUUFFF … Ter Stegen’s great save on the goal line after a corner kick. Barcelona saved.

Minute 27: UUFFFF… A great left-footed shot from Jordi Alba saves the Benfica goalkeeper.

25th minute: Barcelona continues to reach, but cannot score against Benfica.

Minute 20: Barcelona 0-0 Benfica.

15th minute: Xavi directs his first Champions League match as Barcelona coach.

12th minute: Araujo continues to attack and remains in front of goal, but his shot goes too far.

Minute 7: Demir’s left shot and the Benfica goalkeeper sends the ball to the corner kick. Barcelona is close to opening the scoring.

minute 4: The first moments of the match, Barcelona takes the lead.

minute 1: The match begins at the Camp Nou, as Barcelona are headed to beat Benfica, which would put them in the second round of the Champions League in second place in the group.

1:50 pm: The start of the match is coming at the Camp Nou. The rain was there.

1:50 pm: Welcome to the minute by minute the commitment of Barcelona and Bayern Munich to the fifth date of the group stage of the Champions League.

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The Barcelona Receive today in Benfica At the premiere of the movie Xavi Hernandez as a coach in ChampionsWith a test in which the victory gives the Catalan team a pass to the second round of the continental championship.


Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Araujo, Pique, Lenglet, Alba, De Jong, Busquets, Nico, Gavi, Depay, Yusuf Demir. Coach: Xavi Hernandez.

BenficaFlawdemus, Gilberto, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Andre Almeida, Weigl, Joao Mario, Grimaldo, Rafa, Yarimchuk, Everton. Coach: Jorge Jesus.

Rule: Sergey Karasev (Russia)

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