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America’s most active volcano erupts in Hawaii

Kilauea is one of the most active and active volcanoes on the planet United StateAnd arouse On the Big Island of Hawaii.

Officials from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) on Wednesday confirmed the beginning of a volcanic eruption in Halemaumau Crater above the volcano.

Images taken by the webcam showed the sources of lava that covered the surface of the crater and scattered volcanic gas clouds. In the same area, a large lava lake has formed on several occasions.

Pictures are taken from the top of Kilauea. Photo: EFE

The eruption took place in an area where there are no houses and they exist Fully contained In Volcanoes National Park.

“All signs are that it will remain inside the crater,” said Ken Hoon, a USGS scientist in charge of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

We don’t see any indication that the lava is moving toward the bottom of the eastern part of the rift, where people live. He added that all activities are currently taking place inside the park.

volcano alert raised to “Warning” The flight symbol changed to red.

General view of Halemaumau crater on top of Kilauea volcano.  Photo: Reuters

General view of Halemaumau crater on top of Kilauea volcano. Photo: Reuters

Earlier today, officials said they detected an increase in seismic activity and ground elevation, which raised alert levels.


Kilo Recorded a big explosion in 2018 It destroyed more than 700 homes and displaced thousands of people. Until then, the volcano had been slowly erupting for decades, often far from densely populated residential areas.

The same area that erupted on Wednesday was also active between last December and May.

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Before the big eruption in 2018, Kilauea had erupted since 1983 and lava occasionally poured into farms and cottages. During that time, lava occasionally reached the ocean, causing radical reactions with the water.

For four months in 2018, Kilauea Shed Enough lava to fill 320,000 Olympic swimming pools, buried an area more than half the size of Manhattan in up to 24 meters (80 feet) of now-solidified lava.

Molten rock has reduced landmarks, streets, and neighborhoods into a vast field of black rock and volcanic fragments.

Source: AP

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