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America fell to Tolima, in a match he played with ten players from the beginning

America suffered a severe setback last night in Ibaji when they fell 2-0 to Tolima on the second date at home.

It was very difficult for the Reds from the second minute on due to Gerson Malagon’s red card, a situation the luxury side took advantage of to make a difference on the scoreboard.

As a result, Deportes Tolima scored alone in the second group with a full 6 points, while the Red Devils, who also won in the first date, left 3 units.

Coach Juan Carlos Osorio’s intentions, taking the match in the middle of the field to neutralize Tolima with four brand men – Rodrigo Urena, Larry Angulo, Carlos Sierra and Kherson Malagón, went to the ground with the latter being sent off for disqualification just starting the post.

Added to this, the coach was again surprised by his rotation, the same that he did not use in recent matches, where important men such as Adrien Ramos, Stephen Lukomi and Diner Quinones were on the bench.

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With less than one, America in its sector gathered to endure and await a backlash with Gustavo Torres and Emerson Batala.
However, in the 11th minute Tolima opened the scoring after a superb display that capped Jason Angulo with a shout from outside the area, to make the score 1-0.

At 17, Emerson Batala managed to equalize with a shot saved by goalkeeper William Cuesta, and at the age of 29 it was Carlos Sierra who came close with a free kick controlled by the goalkeeper.

Tolima also approached 33 with his right hand Juan Caicedo which crashed horizontally.

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In the 57th minute, Carlos Sierra’s hand in his team’s area led Tolima’s 2-0 victory, which was succeeded by Sergio Mosquera’s penalty kick.

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Coach Juan Carlos Osorio tried to give his team a boost with the entry of Adrien Ramos, who joined Diner Quinones and Stephen Lukomi, who entered the second half.

But other than a shot of Ramos passing close to a pillar, the Reds didn’t come seriously close to the characteristics of a luxurious cast.

With 2-0, the local managed the match, while America looked for a reduced goal that was never achieved.

The Reds are now preparing to face Alianza Petrolera with the goal of adding once more for a chance to fight their way to the premier league final.

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