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Amazing Draw –

There will be no Premier League in the next two weeks but at least on Sunday He said a grand farewell to a match he considered the best league in the world: Two of the title contenders fight head-to-head with everything, and suffer from their opponent’s dominance in many moments of the match, He recovers from the blows he took and loses the final 2-2 which made everyone want more. The Liverpool-Manchester City match was a duel that could be set in several years, As the best compilation album, to explain why the rivalry between the Reds and the Citizens during Klopp’s and Guardiola’s terms has been the most exciting and attractive of the past decade in England.

Second and third place in the Premier League, one and two points behind Chelsea in the current standings, the last four league titles have been shared between the two teams. Manchester City lacked a goal when they grabbed Anfield by the neck (which had been throughout the first half) and Liverpool reacted great after the break.Led by Emperor Mohamed Salah who has already scored in seven consecutive matches.

Pep Guardiola decided to give the ninth place to Grealish, putting Gabriel Jesus and Foden on his side. However, the rhythm was set again by Bernardo Silva, as happened at Stamford Bridge just a few weeks ago. The Portuguese was on the verge of inventing the goal of the season, but Foden failed to face Alisson, Capital during the first half while keeping the “Reds” in the match. City knocked out Liverpool, but did not open spaces. Once Klopp’s men woke up, they hit first: Mane’s goal into Salah’s pass.

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Foden was responsible for raising the visiting team. His goal was to reward the level that the “nationals” provided throughout the match. Foden made Milner so dizzy that he yellowed him and forced Klopp to trade him for Joe Gomez, on the verge of being fired.

It was at that time that Salah laid the cornerstone in this season’s battle to establish himself as the best footballer in the Premier League and he has invented an amazing goal. Dribbling three soccer players in a time slot and right-handing against Ederson. Al-Masry, decisive again, thinks he gave the win to Liverpool But City reacted for the second time in the second half and equalized through De Bruyne thanks to a shot from the edge. on the edge of the end Fabinho was on the verge of giving Anfield the win, but Rodrygo’s superb tackle in the small area allowed the points to be distributed.

the changes

Sterling pound (65′, Grealish), Roberto Firmino (67′, Diogo Jota), Joe Gomez (77′, Milner)


1-0, 58 minutes: Mane, 1-1, 68′: Foden, 1-2, 75 minutes: wrong, 2-2, 80′: De Bruyne


Arbitro: Paul Tierney
Arbitro VAR: Stuart Attwell
Robin Dias (25′, yellow) Milner (41′, yellow) Eliminates (55′, yellow) Diogo Jota (64′, yellow) Bernardo Silva (77′, yellow) Fabinho (82′, yellow

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