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Abenader admits there is a “general neglect” of the national police

Santo Domingo, RD.

The President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, admitted that a “general neglect” of the National Police had led to the situation the institution is facing today and the need to reform it.

Speaking at the International Symposium on Sharing Experience in Police Reform, Abenader said: It is the responsibility of society as a whole to contribute to reform Next week, they will start implementing some recommendations.

The president said that in addition to the report of the commission charged with police reform, they also received advice from specialists from different countries.

“Starting next week, we will take into account the recommendations that are given to us and gradually make the changes. Every week, consultants and specialist groups help us work with us, from Colombia, Mexico, Spain and from José Villas de Castillo of the United Nations, who submitted a report to the National Police, “selected Abenadir.

He said they will support the reform of the national police without haste and without stopping, and honor the work of its personnel.

About this, he said he had a portion of Next year’s budget for the acquisition of more equipment, vehicles and technological tools to facilitate the work of the police.

In addition, he said that next year it will work on an increase similar to the one that occurred in this period.

“We have the same salary improvement for next year, hundreds of car bids, and we should have twice as many current members. The salary levels were so low that when you asked to hire at least 2,000, 1,500 would show up and hire all of that without any kind of evaluation,” he commented Abenader.

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