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A pitcher of White Sox set fire to Astros de Correa and Altuve

The jar Ryan Tepera hinted that the . file Houston Astros They still stole the streams, as he felt something different in each other’s swing after changing venues in the playoffs.
The Houston Astros took a 2-1 lead in the Major League Series after winning their first two games in Houston, thanks to a consistent good attack, despite falling in the third and first games at the Chicago White Sox.

Tebira told the press that the Astros’ hitters have cheered a lot more on the pitches than the ones they love when they play at home:

“Obviously they were notorious for doing some unfinished stuff there,” Ryan Tebera, who is in charge of lodging, said of the Astros, noting that Houston looked worse down the road. “I saw changes and failures tonight compared to the first two games on the Minute Maid.” Tebera said.

Is Ryan Tebera introduced in this series?

Yes, the right-handed man worked in a goalless round in the second half allowing only one hit by a hit, while in the third round he threw another 2 goalless rounds as well, accumulating 3 innings without rounds, 2 hits and 3 hits.

It’s still a time when many MLB pitchers don’t forget what the Houston Astros did, as much as they show how good they are with the wood without stealing the marks, the mistrust will always be there for a few more years.

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