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US troops withdraw from Iraq Breaking News Global News Latest News US troops 

US troops withdraw from Iraq

The last of the US troops in Iraq left the Country and headed to Kuwait. The end of the almost 9 years of fighting has come to an official end for the US. Almost 4,500 American casualties occurred during the war. Is the Country in better shape than when the U.S. first invaded it? Only history will be able to decipher if it was worth it or not, but wither way the final troops leaving Iraq were elated to be leaving and heading back home.The price of the war was…

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Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey Breaking News Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey Global News 

Deadly Earthquake Hits Turkey

Early on Sunday morning, Turkey was devastated by a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed 85 people and has left hundreds more missing beneath the destruction and debris.As the horrible scene of tradgedy was unfolding after the quake, thousands of people took to the streets amidst screams of panic and horror with shovels and any type of object that could help to move the fallen debris in the hopes of saving more people that may be burried underneath the destroyed buildings.Although the earthquake hit Turkey, one of the most devastated…

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President Obama Welcomed In Australia As He Faces Down China Breaking News Business Global News President Obama 

President Obama Welcomed In Australia As He Faces Down China

United States President Barak Obama made a surprising announcement on his trip to Australia. During a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the US President announced an expansion of the U.S. military presence in Australia. According to President Barack Obama, “the United States plans to position more U.S. personnel and equipment here, and increase American access to bases”. Eventually the United States Marines will have a unit of nearly 2,500 men, but next year a company of 250 marines will be based in the northern city of…

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