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Day 4: Latest Philadelphia Eagles Coaching Buzz bill o'brien Chip Kelly Doug Marrone Eagles Keith Armstrong Mike McCoy mike nolan 

Day 4: Latest Philadelphia Eagles Coaching Buzz

The Philadelphia Eagles coaching search has really heated up over the last 24 hours. They have no been linked to Atlanta Falcons assistant Mike Nolan and Keith Armstrong, Denver Broncos assistant Mike McCoy, Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien and Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. There will also be several more coaches involved after the first week of the NFL playoffs such as Cincinnati’s Mike Zimmer, Seattle’s Gus Bradley and Indianapolis’s Bruce Arians. The Eagles could also schedule an interview for a recently fired head coach like Ken Whisenhunt or…

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Bill O’Brien Will Stay At Penn State bill o'brien Chip Kelly Cleveland Browns Eagles Penn State 

Bill O’Brien Will Stay At Penn State

Adam Caplan first reported and several NFL insiders have confirmed that Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien will remain at Penn State in 2013. He had interviewed with a couple NFL teams including the Philadelphia Eagles, but decided to stay in Happy Valley. It has also been reported that Penn State did everything they could to keep O’Brien and were successful. O’Brien was expected to be a top candidate for the Eagles, Browns and Bills if not all seven teams looking for a new head coach. This will certainly puts the focus…

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Chip Kelly: Great Hire or Next Steve Spurrier? Chip Kelly Eagles Oregon Ducks 

Chip Kelly: Great Hire or Next Steve Spurrier?

In the next 48 hours Chip Kelly will become the next head coach of either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Cleveland Browns. At least that is what my general feeling is. The Browns are scheduled to interview Kelly on Friday afternoon and will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t leave without signing a contract. If he lives Cleveland, which I believe he will(what hot coaching candidate would only interview for one city?), Philadelphia will be his next stop. The general feeling from most NFL fanbases is pretty…

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Banner May Get Last Laugh on Lurie with Chip Kelly Andy Reid browns Chip Kelly Eagles Fan Zone Fiesta Bowl Jeffrey Lurie Jimmy Haslam Joe Banner NFL Oregon Ducks 

Banner May Get Last Laugh on Lurie with Chip Kelly

Joe Banner may get Chip Kelly University of Oregon’s head coach, Chip Kelly is a hot commodity, whose name is on the list of every team that is waiting in line for a chance to lure him and his innovative offense to their city. Kelly’s uptempo zone-read, spread, no-huddle offense has lit up scoreboards on college campuses nationwide since 2007, have NFL executives salivating, including the Philadelphia Eagles. But according to Ian Rapoport of, Chip Kelly may no longer be available to make the rounds of a much-anticipated wine…

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Chip Kelly Update: Chip Still Meeting With Eagles Brass Andy Reid Chip Kelly Cleveland Browns Eagles 

Chip Kelly Update: Chip Still Meeting With Eagles Brass

Welcome to Chip Kelly watch. As of about 9:45 eastern time, Kelly was still meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles. Why is this news worthy? Well, because Kelly was supposed to be meeting with the Browns and their lawyers to probably hammer out a 5 year contract. Kelly’s lunch date with the Eagles has turned into a dinner and a night out. Is Kelly just trying to squeeze every penny out of the Eagles before he signs a contract with the Browns or is he seriously considering becoming the next head coach in…

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Chip Kelly Watch: Day 3 Bruce Arians Chip Kelly Cleveland Browns Eagles Gus Bradley Jay Gruden Mike McCoy 

Chip Kelly Watch: Day 3

On Friday, Chip Kelly appeared to be a lock to be the next coach of the Cleveland Browns. On Saturday, a lunch meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles turned into a 9 hour marathon. On Sunday, the Browns have already moved on without Kelly, while the Eagles are awaiting whether he will return to Oregon or be the next Eagles head coach. Welcome to the insanity that is the coaching search in this age of social media. We have twitter updates every 5 minutes. Some true and some not so much. Nothing…

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Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Preview Andy Reid Chip Kelly Dirk Koetter Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Eagles Howie Roseman Jason Peters Michael Vick Mike McCoy Nnamdi Asomugha 

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Preview

Don’t worry Eagles fans, your 2012 season is finally over. The miserable regular season will be immediately followed up by one of the more exciting offseason in the franchise’s history. There will be a new head coach, top 5 picks in all seven rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft and plenty of cap flexibility with several veteran players that can be released with little or no cap penalties. What will the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles look like? We really have no idea at this point. Losing your head coach will do that…

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Latest Buzz on Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Search Atlanta Falcons bill o'brien Chip Kelly Dirk Koetter Eagles Keith Armstrong mike nolan 

Latest Buzz on Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Search

Fire up that Twitter account because we are officially knee deep into rumor season in the NFL. Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie fired longtime head coach Andy Reid on Monday and the rumors and speculation immediately followed. What is important about this week is the window teams with a head coach vacancy have to interview assistant coaches on NFL teams who have a bye week during the playoffs. That means the Eagles can interview assistant coaches from the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers. The Eagles have…

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Are The Philadelphia Eagles In The Midst Of Rebuilding Coaching Staff? bill o'brien Chip Kelly Dirk Koetter Eagles Howard Mudd Keith Armstrong Marty Mornhinweg Mike McCoy mike nolan NFL Todd Bowles Tommy Brasher 

Are The Philadelphia Eagles In The Midst Of Rebuilding Coaching Staff?

With all the hype surrounding who is going to replace former head coach Andy Reid, I think it is fitting to take a look at the remaining coaches currently employed by the Philadelphia Eagles organization. First thing to note, the Atlanta Falcons have extended the contract of offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. Koetter, who was reported to interview with the Eagles to fill the head coach vacancy will be off the market for another two years. Oregon’s Chip Kelly and Penn State’s Bill O’Brien stay at the fore-front of the rumor mill…

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